Getting Ready for NACE

I’m getting ready for The Opportunities Project’s first NACE conference and am looking at the attendee list and writing down the names of people from all the colleges and service organizations who I want to meet. I am eager to talk to people both to learn about the great things they’re doing and talk about partnering. The list of people is long, as well as the list of questions I want to ask. Here are two questions that keep coming back to me.

  1. How are college career centers held accountable for the success of their services? Coming from an organization that is squarely about accountability (What is your impact on teacher and student success? How satisfied are they with your services?), I am amazed that I can’t find this easily via the internet. So far, I have only seen stats on career placement on American University’s website and only see one session on this at NACE, but I am not sure it’s going to answer my question. I am going to continue my search for data on college career center success.
  2. How do colleges design their career center websites? In my research on these websites, I have seen as much crazy, disorganized stuff as the good. No, I will not be linking to examples- I am trying to make friends!

I have more questions, but it is Memorial Day Weekend and I don’t want anyone to have to think too hard. Follow my updates from the NACE conference next week on Twitter.

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