It’s Hard Out There for a Grad

I saw this video on and thought that someone had made a marketing video just for us and the problems we’re trying to solve. I’m new to this business… isn’t that how it works?

Alas, it’s for a potential competitor (or partner?), but there’s certainly enough space in our market for many organizations who want to help college students and recent graduates with their career development so check them out. Even for someone who has worked closely with recent college graduates from the HR and recruitment angle during the last two years of a very rough economy, and right after the 9/11 recession, this video is enlightening, compelling and sobering. If you can watch this and still maintain a positive attitude, you’ve won half the battle.

Unrelated note: One bad side of graduating high school in the early 90s- my first thought when I hear this song is Vanilla Ice.


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