Podcast Episode 1: Interview with Hope Reichbach

We just recorded our first podcast! For our first episode ever, we interviewed Hope Reichbach, a Brooklyn neighbor who graduated early from NYU and is now running for political office. In her interview, she talks about the lessons she learned in getting her career started.

We are using the Strategic Career Starts label for our podcast series, our LinkedIn group, and our Meetup. Be Strategic is one of our six core competencies and one of the most important three in developing a great career. When you listen to Hope’s story, you’ll see what we mean.

So listen to our first episode, quirks and all. One lesson is not to take allergy medicine 15 minutes before recording. It makes your brain fuzzy and you say “um” a lot. Another thing is that Strategic Career Starts has a lot of “r”s for a girl who grew up in a Massachusetts fishing town and still struggles with her “r”s. Practice will make perfect. Strategic Career Starts, Strategic Career Starts…

Enjoy…. and learn!


The Strategic Career Starts Podcast Series