Personal Career Insights for the Fall

After graduating from the Fast Trac entrepreneurship program, I helped a consulting client with their recruitment and HR issues and took some time. Time, the one great resource we all have! I used my time to plan the fall programs and services for The Opportunities Project, as well as step back and think about how I am doing on my own personal goals.

Careers and InsightsPart of my reflection involved spending the last few days out on Fire Island to do some writing. For those of you unfamiliar with Fire Island, it’s an amazing little island off  Long Island with no cars- you have to take a ferry to get here. I have been coming out here for about seven summers, but never so late in the year. The markets and restaurants are closed so I am enjoying some yummy packaged food from Trader Joe’s, some local red wine, and lots of tea to keep warm. It’s colder in my rented apartment than out on the beach!

So as I finish this period of looking inwards, here is a preview of what to expect in the next few weeks.

· More Cocktails and Careers Happy Hours where you can expand your network and get free career advice

· Special workshops with partners who have a lot of value to add to everyone trying to launch or take the next step in a fabulous career

· More guest blog posts and online interviews with people who have great advice for you

· Insight into why I launched The Opportunities Project, which I still haven’t sufficiently explained

· Rocking career advice from me

· Reflections on education policy. The press over the movie Waiting for Superman has made me realize that my work in that sphere is not done, no matter how successful a career coach I become. Why should you pay attention as a job seeker or someone interested in recruitment? Because of extensive government data, we know more about employee performance than in almost any other industry- and that’s not saying a lot. Still any understandings are helpful, right!

· An updated website, including new service prices now that my October 1 milestone passed.

Another day of walks on the beach and then looking forward to talking more this fall!

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