Success Online- Blogging and Social Media

It’s here! Tonight is our event on Achieving Career Success through Blogging at 7PM at SLC Conference Centers (352 Seventh Avenue, 30th Street). If you still haven’t registered, use the discount code “Blogging 101” to get the $10 ticket price.

If you’re not convinced that spending time on online activities like blogging and social media can help you with your career or business, here are two quick stories before I go back to the finishing touches for tonight.

Just an example of how blogging can help… Last week, I wrote a guest blog post for my colleague Keith Petri’s blog about my thoughts on the Marie Claire blogging controversy- a writer wrote a blog post on obese people on TV and the public was outraged by the author’s take. Keith featured my content on Networked Blogs and on Friday, I got an email from someone I didn’t recognize. It was someone who had read my post because she was interested in the Marie Claire issue, but then got clicking around my business website and read that I do recruitment and leadership consulting, specializing in Gen Y, and her company needs that expertise. I now have a call scheduled to talk business. Sweet!

And just another example of how Twitter can help… Every Monday, I participate in a Tweet Chat called #jobhuntchat. Last week, someone in the chat posted that they were looking for a Community Manager position and based in Maryland. Some of my former colleagues started a MD based company and were looking for a Community Manager so I told her about the job. Last night, that person said she had an interview based on my lead. Even more sweet!

My lessons: Do new things. Learn and write about interesting things. Ask for help. Expand your networks. What are yours?

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