What It Feels Like For A Girl: The Girl Effect

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that everyone is taking a day off from being a recruiter, a student, a job seeker, or whatever professional role you want to shed while you enjoy the four Fs: Food, Family, Friends and Football.

While the turkey is cooking, I wanted to post something for you to reflect on while you are giving thanks, especially on this American holiday. Last night, I saw an amazing video about an organization called The Girl Effect on Tara Sophia Mohr’s Wise Living blog. The Girl Effect invests in adolescent girls in developing countries to eradicate poverty, create thriving communities, and slow the spread of AIDS. The video is incredibly powerful and if you have three minutes today, please watch it. Even in these hard economic times, we should be thankful to live in a country where our daughters don’t face marriage and motherhood at age 12 as expected milestones in their life’s trajectory.

My business is about helping people achieve that next step in their career and lives, especially young women. Even though it’s 2010, I’ve worked all of my life in organizations that were primarily staffed by women, but led my men. I want take part in a shift that changes that for future generations in our country. I hope that in time, it’s common to have people just like me in developing countries, helping young adult women find amazing careers and become leaders, all because today’s generation changed the current realities expressed in this video.

The Girl Effect If you’d like to help, The Girl Effect has many suggestions. For me, they will be part of my 2010 charitable donation list. For job seekers and students who have time and are looking for ways to develop strengths (see The Opportunities Project’s Core Competencies), starting a club or campaign to benefit The Girl Effect would be an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and do good at the same time.

Lastly, the title of the post is a reference to the Madonna song What It Feels Like for a Girl. The Glee version has been an IPod favorite for those days when I want a little female empowerment in my music and Ani DiFranco is too heavy. If you’re a female handling the Food today, I highly suggest it for the kitchen soundtrack. If you’re handling the Football, you’re my hero.

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