Five Days of Career Coach Christmas: Vajradhara Meditation Center Auction

It’s 22 degrees outside my Brooklyn apartment window. Brrr. Christmas is definitely coming.

On the third day of our Career Coach Christmas promotion week, let’s talk about our participation in a charity auction. Through December 16th, my career coaching package is part of the Vajradhara Meditation Center online benefit auction. It’s one of many items that were donated by local Brooklyn businesses with 100% of the proceeds going to the center. While I encourage you to bid on my coaching package, there are lots of other great services and products in the auction. In fact, even though I am one of the people who donated, I am considering making a last-ditch bid on one of the rings. I won’t tell you which one because I want less competition!

I discovered the Vajradhara Meditation Center this August. In my 2010 journey to find my calling, the subject of meditation constantly came up in conversations with everyone. If I was truly going to quit my job and become an entrepreneur, how was I going to quiet my mind to handle the stress? Also, meditation has been proven to help with creativity and productivity– things I desperately wanted. I tried meditation on my own and failed miserably. Every time I sat quiet, my mind would race, thinking of all the things that I needed to do to get my business to the next level. I did find that I was able to get into a meditative state when I (1) did guided meditation, and (2) when I was with other people. Once I came to those findings, I hopped onto Google to find other Brooklynites who I could meditate with and that’s how I found this wonderful center.

Recently, I did a four-hour workshop at the Vajradhara Meditation Center and it was amazing. I really knew very little about Buddhism, though this center’s programs are really for people of all faiths. It was very interesting to learn about the four truths. The workshop was amazing- both the meditations and the teachings- and I have used what I learned at least three times in the week and a half since I attended. One time does not make me a master and I am beginning to have some struggles with stress and the meditation process again so after the holidays, I plan to visit their center more frequently.

Even if you’re not into meditation, the Center also does great programs for their community and kids so bid on something anyway! And lastly, if you are a non-profit looking for donated services for your fundraiser, please contact us. This is our third this year and I get great joy when I get to help a good cause.

In case you missed our other promotions this week, Day One was our Barnes & Noble discounts and Day Two was our Pay What You Can Coaching Days. You can also view all the promotions on our Promotions page.

Time for warm gingerbread tea!

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