11 Things to Leave Behind: Reverb10

I am excited to post today’s list for# Reverb10 of “11 Things That Tracy Brisson Doesn’t Need in 2011.” I thought it would be hard to come up with 11 and struggled after number three. But once I hit number five, I couldn’t stop. I think the 11 I ultimately picked were the ones that matter the most.

#Reverb10 Prompt 

December 11 – 11 Things. What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life? (Author: Sam Davidson)

1. Bad Eating Habits

I drink too much caffeine and alcohol when I should be drinking water. Stress has led to overeating. I also consume too much sugar. A few years ago, I was caffeine and sugar-free and felt great. At the recommendation of a doctor, I added caffeine back when I was having a problem with a nerve in my eye that gets easily tired, but don’t need to drink as much as I do now.  I will start and end the day with water.

2. Extra Weight

Working from home and spending all hours tied to my computer writing coaching materials, my website, blog posts or participating in online marketing activities has had an impact on my body. I have scheduled in the classes I want to take at the gym, but am always in the middle of cleaning out my inbox or writing some fabulous piece of content so I decide to stay at home. I have no excuses, because my true friends know that I have a Wii and love to use it, especially We Cheer. For anyone who hasn’t played We Cheer with me, here’s a YouTube video of a crazy guy in a scary mask playing it. I promise it’s fun and great exercise even without the mask.

3. Over-reliance on Self-Sufficiency

Self-sufficiency is great, but sometimes I take the solo, fierce, woman thing to an extreme. I can’t be successful on my own- I need personal and professional partners. I will ask for help, even when it’s hard, and I’ll continue to give help to those who ask me.

4. Anxiety

I made a point to list “anxiety” and not “fear.” For me, anxiety is a generalized unidentified feeling that the other shoe is going to drop, but not something specific that is going to happen. Dealing with fear is easy once you name it. For example, I fear failing in my business and being unable to pay my rent. That is a fear I can deal with by organizing my work to address it. But I’ve been dealing with anxiety ever since I was the victim of identity theft and my bank account was wiped out in October. Even though I got my money back, and intellectually I know that there are laws to protect me from this stuff, I often face an uncomfortable and generalized feeling that things are out of my control. I’d like to let this go as of January 1.

5. Procrastination

Despite all the work I have done to overcome procrastination (knowing why, scheduling my day, blocking social media websites, etc), nothing seems to totally work. I want to leave this behind so I can claim the life I want. Hopefully my new time management coach can help me with this.

6. Grudges

There are people who I believe did me wrong in 2010 (and 2009, 2008, and 2007), or who are not on my side, or have even been outwardly disrespectful to me. Once these people get on my brain, it’s difficult to not obsess over the negativity that comes with them. I release my grudges- you’re never going to get it or me no matter how hard I try, so it’s not worth my time in the new year.

7. Obligations

I belong to certain groups that I have outgrown, but yet continue to work with and feel guilty when I don’t work with them enough. It’s time to let that sense of what I “should” do go away and focus on commitments that serve me AND others, not just others.

8. Permissiveness

I do have commitments that I believe in and there are too many times when I give myself permission to slack off. “You’ve worked so hard all these years! You need a break. It’s okay if you get to that later. You’ve spent the whole day at the computer so you deserve that extra glass of wine tonight while you catch up on your DVR and those 60 unwatched episodes of Chelsea Lately.” No. I need to work both harder and smarter because I value myself. I need to eliminate this bad habit and stop giving up on the daily work through these rationalizations.

9. Doubt

I release the doubt that I have the potential to stand in the same space as other coaches and authors, such as the wonderful people who have written the Reverb10 prompts. I release the doubt that I can earn the money I deserve while making a difference.

10. Impatience

I hate how much time it takes to get things done in starting my business or moving on with my life. It seems that some things that I decide to move on can take up to six months to implement. Blog posts take three times longer than I expected. There are certain pages of my website that aren’t yet done and the list goes on. I go in circles with my frustrations around my inability to get things done exactly when I want them. I must understand that building a business is a process and requires time and patience.

11. Debt

I started 2010 with zero debt except for a few pesky student loans. Now, I have both personal and business debt. While it wouldn’t be my preference to have this debt, I have no regrets because I understand that dreams often require sacrifices.  Most importantly, I believe that if I release items 1-10, I’ll get rid of my debt because I’ll be earning what I’m worth.

Are any of my 11 things also things you want to leave behind?

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