Five Minutes of Memories: Reverb10

There are 4-5 more posts I’d like to do for Reverb10, but I am finally admitting to myself that I won’t finish them in 2010. As the last one that WILL be finished before the new year, I thought the following prompt would be most fitting.


December 15 – 5 Minutes. Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010. (Author: Patti Digh)

Oh my. Setting my alarm for five minutes (excluding some quick editing), here is what I came up with for the last 12 months.

January through March

January 2010: Going to a talk on taking risks in your professional life and signing up with my first coach to help me become an entrepreneur.

February 2010: Battling snow to attend classes on how to start and own a business. Telling the first person in my life that I was going to leave my job at the New York City Department of Education to open The Opportunities Project. Buying my domain.

March 2010: Telling my mentor that I was thinking of starting my business and getting his approval. Putting down $1,500 for my first conference as a career coach. Facilitating the worst professional development session of my career. Going on a retreat with a women’s empowerment group and making two amazing friends. Getting my coach certification.

April through June

April 2010: Going to Boston on my last teacher recruitment trip. Wondering about teacher layoffs and how they would impact all the work we’ve done in New York City to improve teacher quality. What would my legacy be? Buying my first Mac.

May 2010: Attending the AERA conference in Denver, my first time in that city. Seeing one of my dearest friends I hadn’t seen in 3 years there. Traveling for my first weekend at my Fire Island house for the summer. Putting up my website and publishing my first blog post.

June 2010: Attending the NACE conference in Orlando, FL and feeling good about it. Appreciating that I had friends from high school that lived all over the country. Turning 35 at a party that was better than Carrie Bradshaw’s. Getting my headshots in Brooklyn Bridge Park. More Fire Island. Coming back to the Teach for America community, thanks to Peter Rider.

July through September

July 2010: Making my debut as a career coach at the Working NYC Event. Getting my LLC and bank account. Experiencing the return of an amazing friend to New York City.

August 2010: Leaving the DOE as Director of Teacher Recruitment- officially and finally. Networking with Brazen Careerist. Spending days on my website and learning how much I didn’t know.

September 2010: Participating in the Fast Trac Entrepreneurship program. Landing my first paying client. Hosting three networking events and conducting two workshops. Getting my company in the press for the first time. Lots of Fire Island.

October through December

October 2010: Handling one of the most stressful months of my life. Dealing with identity theft, non-paying clients, and a very ill pet. Spending three days on a deserted island writing. Visiting my best childhood friend in Savannah.

November 2010: Taking care of my apartment and nursing my cat back to health. Spending lots of time on my computer. Launching a great business partnership with eBranding Me.

December 2010: Deciding to get serious about my business. Setting up meetings with strategic partners. Cutting back on non-coaching work to make them happen. Meditating on my personal goals for myself, including love and health. Doing my first career management workshop for 250 young professionals. Attending multiple fantastic social events with friends.

(Luckily, in August, I started using to journal daily about my life. Sometimes, I briefly write a sentence about my day, but it’s more than I’ve had in years. And it keeps me honest to what I am doing because it sends me back old entries. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking at my list and determining if they could recite a year in the life in 5 minutes.)

Have a wonderful New Years weekend and I look forward to helping you meet your goals in 2011!

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