Letters Between My Future, Present and Past #Reverb10

Here is a great and hard #Reverb10 prompt from Jenny Blake of Life After College.  Unrelated, this was a #genychat topic this week and I liked reading everyone else’s reflections.

December 21 – Future Self. Imagine yourself five years from now. What advice would you give your current self for the year ahead? (Bonus: Write a note to yourself 10 years ago. What would you tell your younger self?) (Author: Jenny Blake)

So let’s start talking to my 25 year-old self first. It’s sad that I don’t remember how I spent my New Year’s Eve that far back…

The Present Is Calling…

Hey Past Tracy!

The new year is already upon us so I am going to be concise as possible to you in bullets. I really wish I could go back and give you a hug… and then smack you silly. Here are my notes for you.
– You have a great instinct about people. Trust it and act on it when those moments come.

– Time is not infinite. You will be sad about time you wasted.

– There are many ways to achieve your sense of mission. All of the friends you’re close to now in the year 2000 will take different paths from yours to do that. Pay better attention to their examples.

– You think dignity is overrated. You’re generally right. That being said, be pickier about who you get involved with from the beginning.

– Some girlfriends will last and some will not. Who lasts and who doesn’t will likely surprise you.

– You never know who is going to step into your life. It will always be when you least expect it so don’t shut yourself down when you feel disappointed.

– Don’t cancel your job interview in Washington, DC on September 13, 2001. I am tired of telling people that I regret that.

– You’re so much stronger than you think. I really wish you would know that between the ages 27-30. When your biggest fears come to be real a few years later, you’ll stare them down and never be the same. Better, I think, but definitely not the same.

– Be nicer to your parents. Take care of yourself. Save more money.

– Journal- my memory isn’t as good as it used to be.

Hugs and Smacks,

And Now From 2015…

My Dear Rocking Superstar Tracy,

Congratulations on making big changes in your life the past year. It took a lot of courage to do what you did. I know as you begin 2011, you realize this change was just the beginning and now the fun and hard work starts. The next year is going to exciting and hard. As you meet your goals for your company’s impact. I just have a few bullets of advice as you get going with 2011.

– Your current self told your past self that you have a great instinct. Now your future self (confused yet?) is going to remind you of that. When in doubt, ask yourself how you really feel.

– You were right- there is much more to life than being the New York City single girl. You’ve identified the obstacles and the ways you can overcome them. Just like leaving your old job to start The Opportunities Project, it’s not going to fall in your lap. Schedule those obstacles and get them out of the way.

– Stop reading so much and just do it.

– Start going back to Yankee Stadium. They miss you.

– The mother on How I Met Your Mother turns out to be…. Just kidding. :)

– I know you hate spending so much time at home on your computer right now, but focus and the written word is going to get you closer to your professional and financial goals. You’ll be glad you spent the time.

Life is great here. Be strong and join me,
Future Tracy

If you’re not totally confused, do you relate to my future and past lessons?

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