Cocktails and Careers Event and Networking 101

We’re bringing our popular Cocktails and Careers Networking Events back! We’re having our first event Wednesday, February 23 at 7PM at The Copper Door Tavern at 272 Third Avenue between 21st and 22nd Street. All are welcome- job seekers, people who want to meet new and interesting people, and those who are open to giving some career advice. As of now we have three recruiters tentatively lined up, too.

The event is free, but we ask that you order at least one drink and tip well to thank The Copper Door Tavern for graciously hosting us. We’ll also pool a few dollars together for appetizers. Please RSVP for the event via Eventbrite. The event is sponsored by TweetMyJobs and I’ll have information on them at the event.

On the Brazen Careerist Networking Roulette event this week, many people revealed that they are nervous about networking because they feel that they have little to offer, especially when they are in job seeking mode. Every one of you has something to offer and don’t forget that!

So to get prepared for the event on Wednesday, here is some Networking 101 Advice.

1. Bring business cards.

Job seekers often ask if they should have business cards printed and my answer is “Absolutely!” How do you expect people to know how to contact you in the future? When you’re going to a networking event, your goal is to meet people who are going to become part of your network for a long time so you should always prepare  with that in mind.

We’ve been talking the Teach for America 20 Year Anniversary Summit this week on the blog, and I found attendees to be unskilled at networking, especially with business cards. Be prepared!

2. Get your elevator pitch ready.

Read my blog post on developing great elevator pitches. Don’t be afraid to have a call to action and be strong about it. Everyone has asked for help from other people and they remember. Some will also be excited to pay it forward to you.

3. Make a list of what you have to offer.

In addition the skills you have to offer to potential employers, you also have other things to offer every other person at the event, too. One is your ability to connect them to other people who would be interesting for either business or maybe even personal reasons. Spend some time this weekend reviewing your LinkedIn Connections and what they’re up to these days. If you don’t have a large network, you can also share information. People LOVE information that makes them step back and think, or new tips and tools that they can use in their lives to be more effective or efficient. What are cool, interesting, and helpful things that you read in the last month or so? What are some interesting magazines, articles, or blogs that you could read this weekend?

With the right preparation and attitude, everyone can be a great networker.

See you on Wednesday!

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