Introducing My 2011 Spring Scholarship Program!

I’ve launched my 2011 Spring Scholarship program! I am giving away three scholarships and applications are due Friday, April 1.

Here are the three scholarships I’m giving away. You can apply via the Scholarship page on my News and Events channel.

1. The College Student Scholarship- Awarded to someone finishing his/her junior or senior year of college and exploring internships or first full-time job.

2. The Young Professional Scholarship– Awarded to someone with less than three years of full-time professional experience and needs some help finding a new or first job.

3. The Woman Veteran Scholarship– Awarded to a female veteran of our armed services who is pursuing work in the civilian sector.

You can also watch my video telling you about the scholarships and why I am giving them away. Look forward to your application and thank you in advance for sharing!


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