Q&A with Team Member Justin Mathews

The Opportunities Project Team Member Justin Mathews

The Opportunities Project has been more than just one person the last few months! I am pleased to work with Syracuse University student Justin Mathews who is working on a number of research and marketing projects with me through the beginning of May. Since joining us almost two months ago, Justin has already co-authored our first paper, The Economic Achievement Gap.

Justin and I met because we were in the same major at Syracuse University, even if we’re 14 years apart. Just a reminder to all the students and recent graduates out there that keeping in touch with your professors is an important aspect of career management. Not only can it help you find a new position, but when you’re hiring, it can provide a great pipeline of talent.

Here’s a Q&A with Justin.

What interested you in working with The Opportunities Project?

The thing that interested me most was the prospect of working with a new business and having a fundamental role in its growth. Because of this, I knew I’d be able to apply my experience in market research to the company’s benefit but also gauge my effects and turn it into a learning experience for myself.

What will you miss about college?

For me, college is a 24/7 aggregation of resources. I’ll miss having a question and finding the answer on my doorstep; I’ll miss needing late-night study company and knowing there’d be someone nearby who’d join me; I’ll miss the free student bussing; and I’ll miss the always-delicious subs from Jimmy John’s (open until 3AM every night).

What is your biggest strength that you’ll bring to our work together?

I’d say resourcefulness. I’m a big proponent of maximizing value of the tools made available to you. When I can’t find the information or help I need, I find creative alternatives that use what information I can find.

Give me a fun website or twitter account that you consult to break up your day?

Going to Syracuse University and being a member of the athletic bands has made me a huge fan of the Syracuse Orange. Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician (@NunesMagician) is a blog dedicated to Syracuse fans. The author, Sean Keeley, has plenty of hilarious posts and even published a book, “How to Grow an Orange: The Right Way to Brainwash Your Child Into Becoming a Syracuse Fan.”

Alright then. Let’s go Orange and win the Big East this weekend!

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