Pay What You Can Coaching (PWYCC) is Back

Happy Monday! I hope everyone has survived the Daylight Savings Time time switch. I am not sure how, but taking away the hour somehow cured my insomnia and I woke up with tons of energy this morning. I hope everyone else has equally amazing adjustments to the change.

The Opportunities Project Blog I am clearing out paper in my office as I am moving all of my vision, goals, and tasks from chart paper and index cards to an online system and in the process came across an old note about a site I wanted to try called Tagxedo that generates creative word clouds based on websites, Twitter feeds, famous speeches, and lots of other things you can find on the web. I played around with it last night and here is the tag cloud for my blog over the last month. I love it! The one for my overall website is really great, too. I’ll use it in an upcoming post, but I am thinking of using it for t-shirts or mugs. It’s really that great.

Now let’s get on to the purpose of the post!

In December, I introduced Pay What You Can Coaching as a holiday special. I really enjoyed the clients I worked with and I’m now bringing it back as a semi-permanent program of The Opportunities Project where every month, I’ll offer six PWYCC coaching sessions. During Pay What You Can Coaching sessions, you can pay me a combination of what you can and what you think the session was worth. The rules are on the official Pay What You Can Coaching page on my website. To participate, you must apply for one of the slots using the application form below. Good luck!

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