Guest Post: Stretching Your Comfort Zone by Amanda Pinto

I am pleased to feature a guest post today from recent graduate Amanda Pinto, a public relations professional. I met Amanda in the #jobhuntchat Twitter chat in early Fall 2010. Amanda wanted to move to NYC and I told her to look me up if she moved. In December, she did move here and we had an in-person chat over coffee at Ted & Honey in Cobble Hill and I was really impressed at her courage and conviction.

Amanda recently decided to move back to Georgia and I invited her to write a post for our readers on the lessons she learned about job searching and relocating to NYC, as well as advice for other job seekers and recruiters who are looking to hire the best of today’s recent graduates. Here’s Amanda’s post.

Amanda PintoIt’s not easy to step out of your comfort zone but often times it is what you need to find out who you truly are. I decided to make a move to New York City shortly after I graduated from college and it was an amazing experience. Unfortunately, NY didn’t work out for me job wise so I have just recently moved back to Atlanta to continue my PR job search.

In New York I learned a ton about the job hunt. First and foremost, social networking is the best tool you can have! I can’t tell you how many people I met in person because I had connected with them online first. I made very good friends through social networking as well. I even landed interviews because of Twitter!

The next lesson I learned was the fact that sometimes no matter how hard you try certain things do not work out. It’s extremely difficult not to take it personally when these things don’t work out but if I had let that get to me I would have gone crazy. Yes, at times you can blame yourself but there are other times where it is completely out of your control.

If I had any advice for people trying to recruit my age group I would say open communication is key. For me, I want to be kept up to date on where the hiring process is and not kept in the dark. I’d rather know that I’m up against this many people and that they have this amount of experience. Just tell me how it is. I feel like that is something my generation wants in this job hunt. It’s beyond frustrating when you have multiple interviews and then your contact person just falls off the face of the earth. I completely understand that they probably have many candidates but if you take the time to interview us more than once, please just let me know that you don’t want me.  I give a lot more credit to the places I applied to that gave me straightforward answers than the ones who beat around the bush.

I wouldn’t say my expectations were too high about finding a PR job in New York but I do think I should have been a little more realistic when it came to this economy. I wish I could somehow have gotten more experience in college but then again I literally did everything I could. I put myself out there countless times and I don’t regret it at all! As difficult as it is right now you won’t get anywhere if you don’t try. Therefore I know something will work out for all of us hard workers out there!

Don’t give up! Keep your passion!

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