Book Winner, Scholarship Update, Music Monday

Where did the weekend go?

I’ve used the last few Mondays on the blog for general announcements and events and last Monday, I used it to share a song. So I’ve decided going forward, Monday will be Music Monday and we’ll share any important updates and news and top it off with a YouTube video of a song that I listened to in the last week that made me work a little harder. Be warned that I graduated from high school in the early 90s and I have TERRIBLE taste in music and my ITunes reflects that. Expect a lot of obscure new jack swing. And Glee.

Updates and News

Congratulations to Alexandra Ancy who won the book of her choice at our Building Your Soft Skills Workshop last week. Alex picked Do More Great Work by Michael Bungay Stanier. I think it’s a fantastic choice. I want to also thank Alex for helping out this weekend at the Fresh Air Fund Career Awareness Day. Together, we facilitated five career coaching workshops for NYC middle school and high school students. Students role-played a coaching session where one played the coach and the other played the client. They all agreed that it was harder to be the client. I agree. It’s not that being a coach is easy, but clients are the ones who have to make really difficult decisions and think about themselves in new ways and that is not easy.

I’ve also extended my 2011 Spring Scholarship application deadline to Friday, April 8th. I looked at the applications on Saturday and while I’ve received a number of applicants for the College Student and Young Professional Scholarships (go West Coast!), I’ve received few for the Female Veteran Scholarship and that’s because I’ve done a poor job marketing it. So everyone gets an extra week. Use it to make your application really good!

Music Monday Pick

This song came up when on shuffle this week. Silly, but it always gets me moving. Happy Monday!

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