Thank You From the Bottom Of My Heart

I am getting ready to get on a train to Providence to speak at the Aspiring Teachers of Color summit at Brown University and then a plane to New Orleans to present at the American Educational Research Association conference. My scholarship contest (closing in 14.5 hours as I write this) was designed to celebrate my six month in anniversary serving clients and changing education. But it really began a year ago. As of April 2010, I’d given notice to my job and told all my staff, written the first draft of my business plan and finished the first level of my coach certification. It still seemed like a pipe dream and I some days I can’t believe I am now living my professional dream, a year later.

As of last night, I’d received over 200 Retweets and Facebook likes for all the posts I did this week about the scholarship. It brought tears to my eyes. Many of those people are strangers to me (right now), but they’re now part of my journey. Yesterday I met with four entrepreneurs who I met via Brazen Careerist and Twitter and had the most amazing conversations about changing the world. I can’t even believe that I didn’t know what Brazen Careerist was a year ago!

Since I am traveling next week, the blog will be dark except for an update on exciting events on April 19 and May 7. If you are a college student, young professional, or woman veteran and haven’t yet finished your application, I am shaking my head and giving you my best teacher look through my computer. Let’s do it, people!

Whether I know you or not, thank you so much to all of you for your support and love to me and this little start-up that could.

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