You Don’t Need to Be Batman to Join Forces with a Robin: Guest Post from Brett Kunsch

I am happy to feature a guest post from my colleague, Brett Kunsch of Millennial Coach. Don’t forget about our Make the Change You Want networking event on Tuesday, April 19th.

One of the most famous partnerships in pop culture is the Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin. The two caped crusaders crucially helped each other with their one big goal: keep the crime way down in Gotham City. We resonate with Batman and Robin because we like a good team with a worthy cause. And we like them because they have a fierce level of commitment to their partnership. Your goal may not be as ambitious, nor as risky to your life. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a partner to help you out with your mission, and them with theirs. But how do you find a partner in the real world? Forming a “dynamic duo” probably sounds far-fetched, if not cheesy. And to a lot of us, trusting part of our goal’s outcome with a partner seems downright scary. Yet the research shows, many of us experience greater success when we hold each other accountable to making things happen. There’s no exact science to soliciting partnerships, but the one thing you absolutely must do is interact with people and have your goals be known. To take it further, find people who’d be within your goal’s category.

Here are some potential categories:

  • Jobseekers/Career-changers
  • Marathoners/Triathletes
  • Bloggers
  • Language learners
  • Promoters/fundraisers of causes
  • Business builders
  • Superheroes (the non-violent variety)

I know getting out there isn’t everyone’s favorite cup of tea, but if you’ve been having a tough time holding yourself accountable to reaching your target goal, finding a partner might be your secret sauce to make it happen.



Brett Kunsch is the founder of Millennial Coach. To read more about him and his blog posts on partnerships, see Accountability Partner and I Got a Guy.


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