Announcing the Spring 2011 Scholarship Winners

We are SO pleased to announce the winners of the 2011 Spring Scholarship Program!

I received over 250 tweets about the program, 1,000 page views, and 31 eligible applicants (and another 70ish who started the application, but did not finish- not sure what was up with those people!). I was grateful that so many people wanted our help and think what we do is valuable. I cannot stress enough that there were many applicants who submitted amazing applications- it was a very difficult decision for me and the team.

I had wanted to announce the winners by video, but I had my fill of adventures with video this week (see our Facebook page), but as I said in my original pitch… enough about me, let’s talk about the scholarships! Here are the three winners who I am SO excited to start working with this week.*

Jessie Morgenstern, NYC- A fashion professional potentially considering a new profession



Zach Laplante, Massachusetts- An aspiring politician looking to change the world



Abby Cajudo, University of California, Berkeley- A graduating senior with a strong science background who is considering all career options

Wish them luck as we start our five session journey together.

*Unfortunately, we didn’t have any eligible applicants for the Woman Veteran’s Scholarship so I am giving two Young Professional Scholarships instead. My marketing plan for that scholarship tanked, but I am committed to that cause and will take it up again during the fall. If you have ideas, please share in the comments or by contacting us.

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