May 16 Announcements, Music Monday

Hope everyone in New York City is surviving the gray and rainy weather. I am not sure about everyone else, but graphics like this for my zip code never make me feel good. Blech. But like you, I have a ton to accomplish this week and we can’t let this get in our way! Some coaching tips for the week? Don’t skimp on artificial light and add some selenium to your diet if it’s not already included. Also, pick up some great books to read while hanging out inside!




Here are some quick announcements from The Opportunities Project for this week.

Group Coaching Start Moved to May 23rd

Due to great demand (graduation and work demands in particular), we’ve moved our spring coaching program start back to May 23rd. That means we are pushing back the course back and will end the week of July Fourth. We’re super excited to get started. Make sure you reserve your spot today or contact us with questions.

Our Guest Blog Post is up on Job Hunt Chat!

We’re excited that our guest post on how we hired Alisha Miranda for our Business Development position is up on Job Hunt Chat’s website for everyone to see as a successful case study in social media job searching. I tried to cover both the small business/recruiter/hiring manager side, as well as the job seeker take. I hope it helps more people understand the power of these tools and how you can use them to make things happen for yourself and your organization.

We’re Included in Marty McDonald’s Awesome New eBook!

We were honored to provide some interview tips for our colleague Marty McDonald’s new eBook Don’t be Scared… Be Prepared. We share our favorite tips and one of our favorite BAD interview stories. Many of you know, I have dozens to pick from, but the one I chose is a personal favorite. Download and read all the other great stories from my fellow contributors, including these good friends of The Opportunities Project- Rich DeMatteo, Steve Levy, Mark Babbitt, and Kate-Madonna Hinds!

Go See Bridesmaids: Music Monday

Seriously, Bridesmaids was fantastic on its own, but it’s also an important movie for women so go see it. Even though it’s 2011, it’s not easy to make a comedy written by women that also features an almost all female cast. The Change The Ratio blog has covered the importance of this movie and here’s a quote they posted on their Tumblr:

“Here’s why it’s actually important to see Bridesmaids. On opening weekend. I don’t know a female screenwriter, TV writer, actor or comedienne who hasn’t heard this statement in the past few months with regards to future projects: “Well, we’ll see how Bridesmaids does…” That sentence means that every creative, brilliant, funny woman in Hollywood is (unfairly) being held hostage to a single film’s opening weekend box office.”
Why Bridesmaids Is Important, by Jamie Denbo

So go see it if you care about sexism in the film industry- you won’t be disappointed.. If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know why I chose this song. If you haven’t seen it YET (emphasis on YET), just enjoy a great retro hit.



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