Q&A with Team Member Salena Moore

We were excited to welcome another team member recently, virtual intern Salena Moore. Salena is a student at Syracuse University and is helping us this summer with updating the systems we use to manage our database for clients and partners where we store contact information and communications.This also includes helping to improve the performance of our email marketing systems, which then helps our sales cycle. We grew so fast in 2011, we’ve had a hard time keeping it together and are grateful for another insightful perspective. Here is Salena’s Q&A.


Q: What interests you about working in education?

A: I would have to attribute my initial interest in education to my mother’s involvement within the field.  She has been an educator in the Milwaukee education system for over 25 years.  In fact, she opened up a school when my brother and I were young because she felt that we were not receiving a proper education. Because of this, I grew up understanding the importance of good schools and how there was a lack of a quality education where I lived and in the entire nation.  Education is important and given the fact that the job market is even more competitive, children need to be more prepared for that environment.  Making sure everyone has the proper education for succeeding is what most interests me.

Q: What are the worst and best things about college?

A: That is a good question! I think that best thing about college is that I am able to explore a number of interests through different majors/minors and I am also able to meet people from different places around the world.  It is a good place to “find yourself.” One of the worst things in college is going there and getting lost in the hype of it all. Many kids go to college and forget what they came for.  College is what you make it; you just have to make sure you use it to your advantage.

Q: What do you think is going to be the be the most important education issue in the next decade?

A: I believe the most important issue in education in the next decade will be the financial challenges placed on schools.  As we all have seen, America has experienced big budget cuts and there might even be more threats to cutting funds in the future.

Q: What is the most important thing you hope to learn from interning with The Opportunities Project?

A: I hope to improve my data analysis skills and to improve my understanding of exactly what career path I should pursue!  Being that I am still in college, I believe that working with The Opportunities Project will allow me to explore more of my interests and it will open up a world of opportunities for me in the future.

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