Where in the World is The Opportunities Project?

Hey there. When we posted our Q&A with Salena on June 1, we certainly did not think that we would be taking a month-long break! It was not because of our premature demise, but because June was a super successful month for our business and it pulled us away from the blog. Here is an update on where we’ve been and more importantly where we’re going.

A Birthday


Tracy celebrated a birthday- 36 years young- at the beginning of June. We were grateful to spend the time with our friends out on Fire Island eating cupcakes, drinking pink beverages, and remotely helping our colleague Steven Francisco from Innovation Teaching win Startup Weekend EDU by providing some key market research for his entry DemoLesson.com- all from my beach blanket. Love the speed of entrepreneurship!

Mashable and Pretty Young Professionals Mentions

At the end of May, we were interviewed for a piece by Mashable on social media resumes and how you must show your results no matter what tools you use to market yourself. We never expected the response that we got! Our internet traffic went up 91% (and keeps going up) and many readers booked us for career coaching for July. It’s the biggest thing that’s happened since we started and we love it.

In June, Pretty Young Professionals also named us to their Top 40 Career Experts on Twitter. We are honored to be on a list that included Forbes Women and best-selling authors Lindsey Pollak and Alexandra Levit. This award ensures we will try even harder to provide Twitter content that is relevant and thought-provoking for young professionals navigating their careers.

New Team Member Lauren Wannermeyer

if you interact with us on Facebook and Twitter, you’ll soon be interacting with our new team member, Lauren Wannermeyer. Yes, I’ve hired yet ANOTHER Syracuse person and in this case a fellow sorority sister because Lauren is also an Alpha Gamma Delta. Even if she wasn’t all those things, I would have hired her anyway because she’s awesome. Lauren joined us in June and will soon start managing our Facebook page and interacting in Twitter chats on behalf of the @oppsproject. Read more about Lauren on our Team page. We’ll also get her Q&A up on the blog this week so you can learn more about her.

Cheating on Tumblr

Tracy launched her own Tumblr a few months ago and posted “quick takes” on education, jobs, and the economy in June. It’s a work in progress, and the verdict is still out on whether Tumblr is for us. The community aspect seems hyper-inclusive and there are too many Tumblrs that belong on a private platform like OhLife. So far, my favorite use has been to follow a woman who has inside knowledge about The Hunger Games movie and runs some type of role-playing game about it that I can’t seem to follow but still find absolutely fascinating. #Nerd. Anyway, please check out our Tumblr and let us know what you think and follow us if you’re part of the community. We’ll be implementing some theme changes throughout the month and making it resemble our style more.

Launch of Teach Newark and Social Recruiting Work

And the real reason we’ve been MIA from the blog is because we launched a new social recruiting project for Newark Public Schools and Startup Education in June. Startup: Education is the foundation started by Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook. You know… that itty bitty project that was announced on The Oprah Winfrey Show (link brings you to the full announcement on Oprah.com; the AP video from YouTube that features clips is embedded below). When I left my job to start The Opportunities Project about a year ago, I didn’t expect that my company would be commissioned to work on such a high-profile project so soon, but I’ll take it.


We’re one of the first vendors hired by Startup: Education to help improve Newark’s work with teachers and we are committed to showing what you can do when you frame your recruiting right so the ROI is in marketing to the right people. And with four weeks under our belt, we’ve been rocking it with over 1,200 applications started, a shiny new website, and a social media presence where we’re providing a high level of engagement and transparency to every high quality teacher who wants to join Newark’s team. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and if you’re a teacher ready for a big opportunity, apply via our website at TeachNewark.com.


Teach in Newark Public Schools


Launching Teach Newark has been a complex operation so a big thanks to Justin Mathews, Alisha Miranda, Felicia Ramirez, Tanisha Christie, and Dana Leavy, and Shannon Firth for their contributions this far. We’ll still be bringing on two new members in July. While The Opportunities Project’s mission to build capital in people includes recruiting the best for organizations, I believe that we will be bringing our social recruiting work under a new umbrella and brand. The thinking cap is on and emails are going out to our business advisors for their opinions. Stay tuned.

Enroll in our New eCourse

And now let’s talk about the future. Our big July announcement is that we’re giving away a FREE eCourse called Avoid a Cruel Summer: 22 Career Lessons to Take to the Beach. That’s right, we said FREE!

As part of the eCourse, you’ll receive 22 career lessons in your inbox every 1 to 2 days. Each lesson will offer advice and suggested next actions for you to take so when September rolls around, you’re won’t have missed out any opportunities and can start getting the results you want in your career. Since we want you to participate from your favorite mobile device while you’re taking in the rays and waves, we’ve designed each step to take about 30 minutes. Every lesson is also accompanied by a song suggestion to inspire you to take action.  This course is perfect for the recent graduate navigating the job market, the young professional looking to make a change, or anyone who wants a career tuneup. You can check out the playlist below!

We’re still working out a few kinks, but we welcome you to subscribe now.

Our blog posting may still be infrequent for a while, but we’re excited to be back!


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