Q&A with Team Member Lauren Wannermeyer

We’re super excited to have Lauren Wannermeyer helping The Opportunities Project with social media! Until this point, if you were interacting with The Opportunities Project on Facebook or Twitter, you knew you were talking with Tracy 24/7.  Now Lauren will also be manning the accounts and we’re pretty sure rather than get confused, you’ll value having the fresh perspective.


Now here’s some Q&A with Lauren!



Q: What’s the best career advice you’ve received as a college student? 


A: The best career advice I’ve received as a college student was to make my experience. College students are constantly foiled in the search for internships with that old fall back recruiters use. They tell you that you don’t have enough experience. Well obviously! I’m a junior in college and I can’t get any opportunities because everything today requires experience. And how are you supposed to get experience when no one will take a chance on someone without any? So my career advisor told me to make my own. Reach out to local businesses and volunteer to help them. That’s how I ended up doing Faegan’s and I had no idea that it would end up being so big!


Q: Tell me about how you used Twitter or LinkedIn to meet someone cool.


A: I follow a lot of people on Twitter and I’m not shy about responding to people, even if I don’t know them! People on Twitter like to be @mentioned, the love to answer questions and read comments. LinkedIn is a little different. I didn’t know how to use it to begin with. I kept getting stopped by a message telling me to buy the “pro” version. Then I realized that if there was only 3 degrees of separation or if I had a shared group I could talk to anyone. I used that knowledge to reach out to SU alums who worked for the Food Network. Unfortunately I haven’t gotten any job opportunities there yet but it’s still good to have those connections.


Q: You’re on Foursquare a lot- what’s your favorite things about that tool?


A: Mayorships! I guess that’s the incentive to using Foursquare. It’s just a kind of nerdy brag rights kind of thing. For example I was the mayor of the Schine Student Center at Syracuse for a while. It took me forever to get it! It’s also fun snatching mayorships from friends.


Q: Twitter has taught me that we have a lot of similar pop culture interests- Glee and The Hunger Games, for example. What’s your favorite summer movie ever and what are you looking forward to this summer (TV or movies)?


A: It’s hard to pick just one favorite summer movie! But this summer I’m excited for the new Harry Potter movie and I’m always huge into So You Think You Can Dance. I also love Pretty Little Liars. It’s not strictly a summer series but it’s so good right now!

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