Blog Series: How I Hired My Team

Happy Monday! While you’re catching up on all the good stuff we have to offer you in the coming weeks, I’m also introducing a new blog series for this week called How I Hired My Team. A few weeks ago, I was participating in #HFChat, the Hire Friday Twitter chat dedicated to helping job seekers get back to work, and the topic was where job seekers should look to find jobs. As I was tweeting out some tips- network intentionally, ask friends- I realized that I had a unique role this summer beyond my standard ones as a career coach and a recruiter. I also served as a hiring manager when I hired 11 subcontractors to work on a big contract our company landed. Some subcontractors were selected to do quick 10 hour projects, some were hired to replace the ones that didn’t work out, and some were hired to work 40+ hour weeks, but the hiring and recruiting strategy stayed the same for all and it did not include job boards.

Come back to the blog this week to read three posts and gain some insight that can help you position yourself for an unexpected opportunity.

Tuesday: Where I found everyone who I hired, specifically how I came to first know about them (I think this will be the most informative post)

Wednesday: What I l did to find and convince people to jump onto this contract

Thursday: Why I hired the team I chose


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