Why I Hired My Team

So here is the last in my blog series about my perspective on recruiting and hiring my team. We’ve discussed where I found people, what I did to recruit them, and now today why I thought that these were the right people for the project. Here is what impressed me about my team members.

Achievement and Leadership- As I grow as an entrepreneur and a recruitment specialist, I try to broaden my perspective from the “left-brained” approach of quantified accomplishments and try to consider more creative qualities in prospects. But I’ve come to realize that I place a high value on achievement and my experience has shown that it does predict success. Someone who is focused on accomplishments and leadership cares about their work and making a positive impact. It also means they can “ship,” to quote Seth Godin.

Generalist and Diverse Experiences- I know that there are lots of career and HR experts that disagree on this, that it’s best to become a specialist in something to make yourself more marketable. I have to say I disagree. In professional services, I want to work with people who have done a lot things and can move into various roles when needed. Flexibility and the ability to dig in and get your hands dirty are more valuable to me than being good at one highly valued skill. I can outsource technical work to people I don’t have to work with in a team. The more you can do, the better.

Confidence- Each person I hired was confident about what they could offer me and told their own stories. I believe at least three people I hired at been laid off in the last year, but I am not even 100% sure about all of them. It didn’t matter because they didn’t portray any gaps to me in their work and led the effort to explain how specific things they had done before were going to bring my project to the next level. During the brief interviews, I never had to stretch to envision these people in the job. They acted the part from the first time we spoke on the phone.

One thing I will close with is that since I hired within my network for a short-term project, I did not do extensive behavior based interviewing, even though I am a big believer of its power to predict success. If you’re making hiring decisions from a broader pool of applicants who you aren’t that familiar with, I’d use that as a main tool to help with your selection.

So hope these three short posts on my experienced helped some jobseekers and recruiters. If you have any questions, throw them in the comments!