Oct 18 Announcements, Music Monday

It’s been 90 days since our last Music Monday post and it’s time to bring it back as 2011 speeds to a close. We had developed Music Monday as a quick way to let you know about new opportunities and give you a little music inspiration to start your week. After a season where I retreated to work intensely with clients, we’re balancing that with some new offers, initiatives and events so it’s time to bring our updates back. Here we go!

#YPNYC Tweetup Tonight 10/18

Just a reminder that Julia Moon and I are co-hosting the Young Professionals #YPNYC Tweetup tonight at The Opportunities Project’s favorite and welcoming bar, McAnn’s in mid-town. We have 45+ RSVPs and it’s a mix of young professionals, career experts and entrepreneurs attending. Both Julia and I hope to see you there.

BrazenU Social Recruiting Bootcamp 11/7-11/18

BrazenU Social Recruiting BootcampI am very excited to be one of the speakers in the BrazenU Social Recruiting Bootcamp with my peers and heroes. More on this leading up to event, as well as some more social recruiting oriented blog posts. If you’re a recruiter, or are thinking about becoming a recruiter in the future, you’ll be able to learn a ton through this program. Enroll today (disclosure, this is an affiliate link).

I’ll also be announcing some exciting stuff about our social recruiting business services and my new plans for them very soon. This is one of the big changes I hinted at last week.


#DCEDU StartupWeekend this Weekend- 10/21

I’ll be pitching an idea at the education edition of StartupWeekend in Washington, DC on 10/21 and hopefully building a prototype with a technical team. I’ve been excited about Startup Weekend since my colleague called me from one in June. Thanks to all the people in my life who have been helping me prepare. I’ll throw up my idea on the blog here on Friday and start talking about it slowly all week on my Education Rebel @ Work Tumblr. Warning: I’m still talking about The Hunger Games over there.

Music Monday

And here is your Music Monday. I saw the new Footloose this weekend. Not only did I not die inside, I thought the acting and story was better than the original’s, though I’ve always been a sucker for a Boston accent. My big complaint is they shouldn’t have changed the music so drastically- the covers sucked. I used to practice my round-off cartwheels to this song in my backyard with the girls from the Wood School.

I certainly can’t do cartwheels any longer, but here’s to a great week of professional accomplishments that make you wish you could!