Women Entrepreneurs: Powering Tomorrow

I was very excited to be contacted by American Express OPEN about participating in their celebration of women entrepreneurs, #PowerTomorrow, after someone on their team read my post “Nope. You Can’t Have it All.”

Not only was I excited to be contacted by a major brand, but yesterday, August 23, 2012, was my second anniversary of being a fully self-employed person without a W-2 to fall-back on. Woo hoo! I still freak out daily, but not for as long because I simply don’t have time! I have contractors and clients and creative work to worry about, as well as enjoy the rewards of a wonderful life in Savannah that being a business owner has allowed me to have.

As part of #PowerTomorrow, I have been asked to share my favorite infographics that American Express OPEN created to celebrate the success of women entrepreneurs. Here are three I chose that resonated with me. It’s tough to take a risk to do something you love because there is a high potential for failure. But failing to take a risk to use your power to help others is it’s own failure, right?

Women Entrepreneurs- American Express OPEN- Economy

Women Taking Risks- American Express OPEN

The Warrior Group- American Express OPEN

What do you think?