#Reverb13 CheckIn: Habits and Auto-Pilot

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Habits: How are you managing your habits? Are you still battling addictions, eliminating the negativity and turning-off auto-pilot? Have you added any new good habits? 

On habits and addictions, I wrote…

“My worst habit and addiction that I need to make progress on in 2014 is procrastination. I have a lot on my plate and often make the wrong decisions on what to choose first and make excuses. I’ve tried lots of things, like an accountability group, but… it’s never enough.”

On autopilot, I wrote…

“I am thinking about the list of things that I wanted to achieve in 2013 and possible things that I want to achieve in 2014 and how I could get off auto-pilot. Here are two things that I’d like to see change. 

1. Wake up earlier and at the same time … And I believe in my bones that if I was able to master this, other good habits would generate from this. I want to do this even more than pick up a more consistent exercise program. 

2. Plan a year of travel. I reverbed in 2012 about how excited I was to own a car for the first time. I had in my mind a year of Southern adventures, visiting states I’d never been to like Alabama, Tennessee, and North Carolina and doing some workcations …  If we put our minds to it, we could plan some awesome dog-friendly trips that meet our budget and work preferences.”

I’m a mixed bag on these fronts.

Procrastination: I have made some progress on this, but I have developed a new problem with figuring out how to manage the feeling of being constantly overwhelmed. I’ve recently journaled about this and looking back at different attempts to reorganize my work life … and my life as a student 20+ years ago… and have picked up some resources on adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) to digest this summer.

It’s something that I don’t talk about very often, but when I was in college, I was unexpectedly diagnosed with adult ADD when I had another health problem. I did not want to take medication, which was what was suggested, so it’s something I more or less dismissed about myself. I’m really smart and good at setting up work systems, so ADD may not be apparent or even always get in my way. In fact, my struggle with ADD has likely helped me make my productivity systems so awesome because I truly need them more than the average person.

But recently, as I take bolder steps in my career and have other people in my family to think of, I am seeing lots of signs where I have completely missed the real problem in certain situations, personally and professionally, and why joy can escape me at work more easily than others. And I don’t want to feel like I’m in a life-or-death struggle with my attention anymore. I finally realize that just revamping my task list is not going to fix this problem.

If I do come up with insights on living and working with adult ADD that could help my clients or others, I’ll share them on a future blog post. Wish me luck.

Waking Up: Well, I haven’t set my alarm, but I am naturally waking up and getting out of bed a lot earlier in the last 2 months! I notice it’s because I like the work I get up to do- writing or reading- and I also feel better. In May, I cut down on my caffeine and alcohol intake (still there, but not as much), and in June, I gave up carbs, sugar, and most processed food. I haven’t lost weight, but I think it’s making a difference.

I am okay with my progress on this habit.

Travel: This has not and probably won’t happen as imagined, though we had a wonderful trip to Flagler Beach, FL in late February/ early March with Forrest (the amazing puppy we rescued from the Humane Society in December).

travel for the soul



My husband has traveled a lot this year, but I’ve stayed home to take care of the dog and work on myself. But we’re open to unexpected travel gifts like the one we received yesterday from my childhood best friend. We are going with her this weekend to Dollywood in Tennessee (bucket list!) and are going to stay a night in Asheville, North Carolina, another state we haven’t been to yet. I can’t wait!

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