#Reverb13 CheckIn: Dreams


Last check in on Reverb until December 2014!

Dreaming: If we could grant you one wish that would ultimately make 2014 your best year ever, what would it be?  

I didn’t write about dreams in Reverb13, just goals. On that, I wrote:

1. Health: Love my body and treat it with the respect it deserves, and remember that when I make decisions. Boldly, I need to remember that is what matters more than else. Behaviors will follow. 

2. Finances: I need to increase my ROI for my projects even if the individual decisions are hard. I’ve done some work on expenses this year and am good on that. It’s the revenues that matter. For 2014, I must say no to 95% of free speaking engagement requests, including conferences, and increase some of my prices for my recruiting services.

3. Love and Relationships: I will not be afraid of giving my all and also asking for what I need, even if the answer is no.

4. Career: I will make decisions and be bold with my choices. I will come to answers on how important the location independent lifestyle is to me, what it means for me to live like an artist, and where it makes sense for me to have my focus. I will commit to a set amount of creative projects and priorities for all of 2014 within 10 days of the new year.” 

I have done well on 1 and 3. Number 4 is now a work in progress and slowly making number 2 happen (though I did decline all free speaking engagements this year and did a paid one this month!)

Dreams are so much bigger. If I am going to be honest with myself, my dream for 2014 would be to know I am going to be a mom to a healthy baby by the end of the year.

And that is my big dream so I want to state it, but this is a blog about career & business success and creating your own opportunities. If the Reverb community could grant me one wish to help me meet my career dream this year, it would be for me to help a new group of clients launch and execute work projects and changes with ease.

That I would see the results from a full and consistent pipeline of clients with my new refocus on career & business coaching.

That I am rewarded financially for my work and expertise.

That I can imagine a full line of joyful professionals all the way through 2015.

(FYI: I asked my husband what he thought my career dream should be and he said, “Master WordPress and make it your bitch.” That will be my sub-dream for the year).

See you in December, Reverbers!