#Reverb14- Prompt 2- Release

We’re moving on to Prompt 2 of #Reverb14, and this one is a doozy. I actually considered skipping this for a bit, and then decided I need to bite the bullet and take it on.

Prompt 2-

What unfinished projects from 2014 am you willing to release now? (Regret not required.)

2014 has been the year of unfinished projects for me. There was something I wanted so badly in my life this year that it overwhelmed my attention. In retrospect, I wish that had not been the case, but I also don’t see how it could have played out differently either. The projects that I wanted to complete needed time at the computer, time on the phone, lots of follow-up, and nose to the grindstone. Like writing my next book. Or helping a local non-profit get started. And I couldn’t manage that type of work much this year.

I am ready to release ideas that aren’t serving me, no matter if it seems selfish to other people.

At the end of this year, I am releasing any unanswered emails in my inbox. I couldn’t keep up at times this year and I just need to let it go. I deeply apologize to anyone who won’t get a response.

I am also letting go of pursuing new ideas and skills beyond what’s currently in my toolbox. In May, I attended my first WordCamp in Charleston, SC. I am a big WordPress user and I have always wanted to attend one. It was awesome, and I came back all excited about possibilities. I wanted to volunteer to teach WordPress skills. I wanted to learn more developer skills so I could do WordPress jobs and work part-time while I raised a family, as well as take care of my own website issues. I was so inspired, guys!!! So I signed up for Treehouse and took classes on CSS and PHP and it was great… until it took up way too much time, away from stuff I am really good at already, love and earns me a much bigger paycheck.

WordCamp Charleston

It’s popular to say everyone needs to code, but it’s so not true. I’ll never have as much fun in a WordPress site as I have writing a book, marrying people, or helping folks make big changes in their careers. It also doesn’t do all that much from my bottom line. So I’m releasing my Treehouse courses and beyond that, the pursuit of shiny new projects, even when they are good for the world. I am full and content with what is left on my plate.

What are you releasing?

One Response to “#Reverb14- Prompt 2- Release”

  1. Kat McNally December 5, 2014 at 4:37 am #

    Your life is rich and full already. Seems to me you only gain by letting go what doesn’t serve you. x