#Reverb14: Prompt 15- Do it Anyway

And moving around the prompts…

Prompt 15:

What are you really proud that you made happen in 2014, despite the gremlins? And what will you do anyway in 2015?

I go back and forth on 2014 and “pride.” In 2013, I wrote a book and made a number of life changes. In 2014, I didn’t meet very many of the goals I set for myself at the beginning. I haven’t expanded my coaching options, I haven’t brought back my newsletters, and I didn’t write my new book. I let gremlins get in my way in those cases. I did launch a whole new, almost profitable freelance gig marrying people. That involved a business plan, financial projections, website design, content creation, networking, getting certified in Google Ads, and then the actual work of working with real life people who put their futures in your hands. There have definitely been times when I have sat back and been proud of myself on that front; I acknowledge that not everyone can just do something like I did and make it work. It is a special skill set, and it was just as risky as the other things I didn’t do! I guess there were gremlins… but it’s hard to think about it in retrospect and hear their messages. I guess when you care, you just don’t hear them.

In 2015, there are a few things I’d like to take on where I have some fear, but one project I’d really like to tackle is to begin writing about pop culture, especially television and books. Around June of this year, I developed an unexpected new hobby of reading comic books, specifically comics about the X-Men and the rest of the Marvel Universe.

This summer, my husband and I decided to take “newlywed Summer Fridays” and spend some time doing fun things together, like going to the movies on Friday mornings. I am not sure what makes the Friday morning movie experience so great, but it just is! One of our first picks was X-Men: Days of Future Past and I really loved it even though I had not liked the first 3 movies. The movie made my husband want to re-watch some of the early 90s X-Men cartoons on iTunes which I had never seen so we binge-watched. I found the characters so different from the movies, especially the women and LOVED it! Did the creative team behind the movies mean to destroy the characters of the Rogue and Storm on purpose or were they just lazy?

My constant dialogue about this led my husband to convince me to go to the source and because he loves me so, bought me a monthly subscription to the Marvel Unlimited app. That means I suddenly had access to over 13,000 Marvel comics going back to the 1940s, including thousands of X-Men comics! Suddenly, Sunday mornings were spent in bed, using my tablet to read dozens of comics in a session instead of reading books on my Kindle.


In the last six months, I have read well over 500 comic books on the Marvel app, including over 300+ issues of the Uncanny X-Men. If you’ve never read the ’70s to early ’90’s run of the X-Men, you are missing out on some of the greatest American literature ever written. I have so many thoughts about what I’ve read that I have wanted to discuss and write about over the last 6 months!

Like, the gender dynamics of Storm’s character arc in the 80s where she loses her power…

and the political perspectives on the Genosha storyline and allegories to today…

and my unironic love for Dazzler…

and whether Jean Grey or Carol Danvers would win in a fight…

and that Rachel Summers talked about the Twin Towers collapsing in the early 21st century in 1985… and why was Rachel Summers such an asshole?


2014 was the year Chris Claremont became my spirit animal.

After finishing many issues, I wanted to jump on my Tumblr and write my thoughts on what I had read. But I didn’t. I made excuses about time, but the real reason was that I believed no one wanted to hear what a 39 year-old white woman has to say about comic books that were written almost 40 years ago. But the more that I didn’t write, the more I wanted to write about other things, like television shows, and it’s kind of eating at me. I need to get the gremlins out and just do it. As I said in another post, making money and targeting an audience aren’t the only reasons we write. I am starting to feel that may be a major lesson I take away from Reverb this year.

And yes, I did dress up as one of the X-Men this year for Halloween, Jean Grey. I even painted my eyebrows red after watching a cosplay video- hee hee. Personally, as much as I love Captain Marvel, I totally think she would kick Carol Danver’s ass in a fight.


My husband and dog loved me enough to dress up as Cyclops and Wolverine, too. Here is Wolverine giving the team critical information about Magneto’s whereabouts. :)


Gotta go- I just started the Age of Apocalypse story circa 1995!