Our Story

Don’t settle for less than living the best version of your professional life.

Let us show you how to attain the successful career and outstanding organization you deserve.

The Opportunities Project is a national talent development, career coaching & recruitment training agency led by founder Tracy Brisson. We launched in 2010 to challenge the status quo and change the traditional conversations we have in our country on education, work, economic empowerment, and what defines success.

Simply, we design and deliver tools & services that will help you create the opportunities that you desire.

We believe with 100% certainty that you can achieve satisfaction – and even fun – by following your own path to professional success. That is where we come in. We’ll coach and teach you how to reach your vision and goals- including your financial and social objectives- whether you want to become more effective in your current role, find the perfect team, or transition to self-employment.

We’ll work with you on how to…

  • become more comfortable with risk in managing your career or organization
  • exercise power and leadership in your industry
  • use economic principles to make decisions
  • acquire the right knowledge & implement consistent behaviors
  • commit to a plan built on data, research & best practices
  • create an executable roadmap focused on growth & continuous improvement

We’ll save you time and energy – your most important resources– so they can be devoted to more important aspects of your life and business.

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Tracy Brisson, Founder, CEO and Principal

The Opportunities Project Founder and CEO Tracy BrissonTracy Brisson is the Founder and CEO of The Opportunities Project. Tracy left a conventional career path as a neurotic high-achiever in the education industry to launch her company in 2010. She wanted to redefine the concept of professional opportunities, broaden the impact of her recruitment work, and help individuals experience economic empowerment and improved quality of life.

Before launching The Opportunities Project, Tracy served as the Director of Teacher Recruitment for the New York City Department of Education, one of the largest employers in the United States, where she supervised the hiring of over 5,000 teachers annually. During her tenure, Tracy’s team won placed second in the annual Best Employer Brand contest sponsored by ERE, an international recruitment association, and implemented a successful national and local college recruiting program that increased applications by over 30%. She was also a founding program manager of the NYC Teaching Fellows, one of the oldest and largest alternative teacher certification programs in the country.

Tracy is the author of two books with SEAM Publishing, Create Your Own Opportunities: Coach Yourself to Career Success, and Confessions of a Teacher Recruiter: How to Create an Extraordinary Resume and Hook Your Dream Job, a top 25 resume book on Amazon. Tracy’s career advice also regularly appears in print and national media outlets, such as the New York Post and Time Out New York, and on Mashable & CBS MoneyWatch. She has also been a featured speaker at many universities and selective conferences, including the Brazen Recruiting Social Recruiting Bootcamp, the CollegeRecruiter.com FedCollege Conference, #140edu, and TEDx.

In addition to being a Certified Professional Coach, Tracy has a BA in Public Affairs from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University, an MPA in Public Finance and Economics from the Wagner School of Public Service at New York University, and completed coursework for her doctorate in Educational Leadership at the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, also at New York University. She is also a graduate of the Kauffman Foundation’s Fast Trac NewVenture Program for early stage entrepreneurs and an alumna of Teach for America.

Tracy grew up in Fairhaven, Massachusetts and after 15 years in New York City, now lives in Savannah, Georgia, where she enjoys working with the entrepreneur community as a local leader of StartupChicks, strolling the farmer’s market every Saturday with her husband and dog, and experiencing the ocean at Tybee Island every chance she has.

Tracy’s full resume is available on LinkedIn.

Our Contributions

Here is just a taste of what we’ve achieved and contributed to the coaching, education, and recruitment fields as we’ve grown our reach.



  • Helped 1,000+ individuals make progress in their career goals in our first 12 months via individual & group coaching, workshops, and speaking engagements.


The Opportunities Project Second Annual Scholarship Contest

  • Presented at #140edu, an internationally streaming conference of thought leaders in the education industry.


  • TEDx1Launched the Confessions of a Teacher Recruiter platform to help teachers & recruiters better match with each other based on the success of Confessions of a Teacher Recruiter: How to Create an Extraordinary Resume and Hook Your Dream Job, a top 25 bestselling resume book on Amazon.com.
  • Provide mentoring & advising as a resident career expert for Russell Simmons’ Rising Tide project with Proctor & Gamble.

Read more about our results & press and how Tracy can be a speaker or workshop presenter for your next event.

Our Principles and Values 

The Opportunities Project upholds specific principles that guide all of our work – whether it’s coaching a career changer, consulting with a new school team that’s hiring teachers, or developing the content for our next book. Integrity is essential to reaching our own goals.

Here are our four core beliefs that inform everything we do.

 1. Decisions bring freedom and are easy to make when we use facts in combination with authentic feelings.

Good decisions are based on facts and information… not hunches or what we’ve been told is conventional wisdom. Commitments bring us peace and focus.

Feelings are critical to decision making, especially why we want to hire someone new or change something about our career. We must distinguish authentic emotions from those based on fear of the unknown.

2. Most important decisions are usually resource allocation problems.

We can have everything… but not everything all at once. We must assess our current tangible and intangible resources- including time- and use them wisely to reach where we want to really be over a realistic period of time.We must say no to some things to say yes to what’s more important.

Social and intellectual capital are as important resources as our financial assets.

3. Human potential can be developed and behaviors matter more than knowledge.

Economic research has validated that behaviors such as exhibiting consistent effort, demonstrating resilience, and growing your network are correlated with professional success. Working on these as professionals- and selecting for these when hiring- will increase the odds of achieving our goals.

4. Bad-assed left-brained heroes make scalable change happen everyday, not just creative types.

Changemakers don’t have to fit the traditional mold. Change can be brought about through discipline, systems, innovative thinking, leadership, and developed expertise, scaled at the level you desire.

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