Avoid a Cruel Summer

Avoid a Cruel Summer is here!

Are you ready to make the rest of 2012 fantastic and set the stage for a great 2013?

Avoid a Cruel Summer: 12 Ways to Up Your Game for 2013, a FREE eCourse developed by career coach, recruitment consultant and entrepreneur Tracy Brisson, features advice, coaching exercises, templates, and exclusive video and audio coaching sessions. 

What’s in this eCourse? Once you enroll, you’ll receive a new course lesson in your inbox every 1-2 days with interactive content. Tracy will teach you how to

* set professional goals that you can meet and make progress on every day

* understand power in the working world and how to take charge of yours 

* develop and nurture your relationships for fun and work

* execute your master plan for success and create strategies for dealing with obstacles

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“The advice from the 2011 Avoid a Cruel Summer eCourse was really helpful in making some new goals. As much as I like my job, I need more experience and some more challenges. Thanks for helping me realize that!”- Paroma, Government Services


The Opportunities Project help clients command their own economic game. Whether you are a freelancer or employed professional looking to be happier and more successful at work, our coaching services can help you make strategic choices and execute a plan fit for you.


Tracy Brisson is the Founder & CEO of The Opportunities Project and has led its national expansion in the career coaching and recruitment consulting space since 2010. Her career advice has been featured in Mashable, Time Out New York, and The Ladders, among other publications.


She is also the author of Create Your Own Opportunities, published by SEAM Publishing.


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