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Music Monday – May 7th

Happy Monday, all! We’re busy doing a recruitment project for a client, planning our 2012 Scholarship Launch and recording the videos to accompany The Graduation Project conference (thanks to those who came!).  This week we’re also discussing building your support network on Facebook, and we’d love for you to join us.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now about the loss of Beastie Boys rapper Adam “MCA” Yauch on Friday, May 4th, after a three-year battle with cancer. While Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston’s deaths were painful, my sadness in hearing about MCA’s passing takes mourning an artist to a whole new level. I’ve seen The Beastie Boys five times since 1994 (best show SummerStage NYC), with all types of friends and loved ones, making their albums the soundtrack to my life for the last 26 years. The Beastie Boys’ music influenced my style and my taste in ways that no other artist did, but more importantly, their work transcended race, age, and class, which few people get to do, even in this day and age.

Observation: On Sunday, none of the song from Paul’s Boutique were in the iTunes Top 100 Singles, but the album was #2. I think that’s exactly right, as you have to appreciate the entirety of that effort to understand how the BBoys changed music. That being said, Check Your Head has become my favorite over time. While I love the rhymes of Hey Ladies and Shake Your Rump, the lyrics on Check Your Head have a sense of maturity that I appreciate. What do you think?

For now, we’re going to leave you with this video to honor a man who moved mountains with his 1979 entrance into the music scene. I am not sure how I missed this video last year (um, maybe because I was running a startup), but I never saw the full 30-minute version of Fight For Your Right Revisited, directed by MCA. It is worth the half hour to view the whole thing.


Oct 18 Announcements, Music Monday

It’s been 90 days since our last Music Monday post and it’s time to bring it back as 2011 speeds to a close. We had developed Music Monday as a quick way to let you know about new opportunities and give you a little music inspiration to start your week. After a season where I retreated to work intensely with clients, we’re balancing that with some new offers, initiatives and events so it’s time to bring our updates back. Here we go!

#YPNYC Tweetup Tonight 10/18

Just a reminder that Julia Moon and I are co-hosting the Young Professionals #YPNYC Tweetup tonight at The Opportunities Project’s favorite and welcoming bar, McAnn’s in mid-town. We have 45+ RSVPs and it’s a mix of young professionals, career experts and entrepreneurs attending. Both Julia and I hope to see you there.

BrazenU Social Recruiting Bootcamp 11/7-11/18

BrazenU Social Recruiting BootcampI am very excited to be one of the speakers in the BrazenU Social Recruiting Bootcamp with my peers and heroes. More on this leading up to event, as well as some more social recruiting oriented blog posts. If you’re a recruiter, or are thinking about becoming a recruiter in the future, you’ll be able to learn a ton through this program. Enroll today (disclosure, this is an affiliate link).

I’ll also be announcing some exciting stuff about our social recruiting business services and my new plans for them very soon. This is one of the big changes I hinted at last week.


#DCEDU StartupWeekend this Weekend- 10/21

I’ll be pitching an idea at the education edition of StartupWeekend in Washington, DC on 10/21 and hopefully building a prototype with a technical team. I’ve been excited about Startup Weekend since my colleague called me from one in June. Thanks to all the people in my life who have been helping me prepare. I’ll throw up my idea on the blog here on Friday and start talking about it slowly all week on my Education Rebel @ Work Tumblr. Warning: I’m still talking about The Hunger Games over there.

Music Monday

And here is your Music Monday. I saw the new Footloose this weekend. Not only did I not die inside, I thought the acting and story was better than the original’s, though I’ve always been a sucker for a Boston accent. My big complaint is they shouldn’t have changed the music so drastically- the covers sucked. I used to practice my round-off cartwheels to this song in my backyard with the girls from the Wood School.

I certainly can’t do cartwheels any longer, but here’s to a great week of professional accomplishments that make you wish you could!

Careers 101: Tweet Your Way to Success

Hopefully you received our invite to the #YPNYC Young Professional Tweetup we’re co-hosting with Julia Moon of Job vs. Career next Tuesday, October 18th. (If not, you should sign up for our mailing list). If you’ve been following my activities at all over the last year, you know I love Tweetups! I think they are a perfect example of harnessing the impact of social media to create and improve real-life relationships.

Join our Tweetup on 10.18

While there will be a number of people at the #YNPNYC Tweetup who are serious Twitter users, many will be new and slightly older than the typical “young professional” age bracket so don’t be intimidated if you’re unsure about coming. I’ll be there to not only help facilitate, but provide career coaching tips on maximizing Twitter for anyone who wants them. Here are some quick pieces of advice I have to get started on your own.

Tip 1- Follow: One of the best aspects of Twitter is that you can get access to experts and content for free. Lots of bloggers have created lists of people they recommend following on Twitter in various industries- search for them on Google and then start following. I have been featured on a few and my favorite has been YouTern’s The 50 Twitter Accounts Job Seekers Must Follow. I met the YouTern team on Twitter about a year ago through a few RTs (see Tip 2) and now- even though we live on opposite coasts- I’ve had coffee and meals with CEO Mark Babbitt three times and consider him a trusted colleague and advisor. Twitter is a great introduction to people you might never meet otherwise.

Tip 2- Engage: There are many ways to engage with people in Twitter. The easiest is to retweet (RT) something someone else wrote to your followers. Sharing is a great way to say thank you and start a conversation. You can also reply to people’s questions or just send someone a public tweet whether or not they follow you back. Every night, I look through my Twitter feed for people who found jobs or had other huge wins so I can send them a congratulations tweet, even if I don’t know them beyond 1 or 2 brief interactions. Compassion rocks. I met young professional and music industry guru Cate Louie on Twitter well over a year ago when we shared some tweets about job searching and organization. About 6 months ago, I had a really bad day (prob worst of all of 2011) and made a cryptic tweet about it. After following me for some time, Cate knew I loved Glee and tweeted me a link to a video from the show with a smile. A month later, I got to meet her at a conference by chance and we hugged. It’s one of my favorite Twitter moments.

Tip 3- Socialize: Socialize is a little different than engaging in that it means talking with others in a community setting, like at a Twitter chat. There are Twitter chats about all sorts of topics. One of my lessons in the free summer e-Course I offered this summer talked about how important it is to include Twitter chats in your career management plan. Feel free to read that stand-alone lesson for tips on participating in Twitter chats. For our Tweetup, we’ll be using the #YPNYC hashtag to create our own community. Everyone is free to use it, including those who won’t be at the Tweetup.

Finally, here are five of my favorite articles about Twitter I’ve collected over the last year that can help you get started.

– How 3 Tiny Tweets Got My First BIG Client

– Mind Your Business: Why You’re a Fool if You Don’t Use Twitter

– 4 Twitter Tips for College Students Seeking a Career (good for all ages, really)

– Twitter: 15 Ways to Stay Interesting

– Using Twitter for Work 

Look forward to speaking with you on Twitter and possibly at our event on the 18th!

Remember Our Anniversary Party Tomorrow!

Hello, Monday! We’re back from an interview coaching workshop in Columbus, Ohio for one of our clients and getting ready for tomorrow’s First Anniversary Party on Tuesday, September 20th from 7PM to 10PM and fundraiser for the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Foundation (HOBY), my favorite education non-profit. I participated in HOBY 20 years ago and without  it, I would have never gone away to school or led the professional path I took toward entrepreneurship.

The ticket price for the party is $15 and all proceeds are tax deductible and go directly to HOBY NY Metro’s account via the Eventbrite page (minus the ticket fee). We’ll also be auctioning off some donated goods and services  from our colleagues and partners valued at over $1,000. Here are just a few:

A 4 session small business coaching package from Dana Leavy of Aspyre Solutions

– A one hour free health consulting from Jaison Greene of Detox Authority

– An $82 Avon skin care package courtesy of Jandelle Hinton

– A coaching package of your choice from us!

We can’t wait to see you there and support a great cause, celebrate, and expand your network so see you there!

RSVP here.

Four Upcoming September Events and Opportunities

Summer is almost over and we’re doubling down on our efforts to meet our dual mission of helping young professionals create opportunities for themselves quickly and confidently AND improving educational outcomes so that more young people have a shot at career success. Here are four opportunities and events we’re hosting and hope you take advantage of them with us.

The Opportunities Project’s First Year Anniversary Party and Fundraiser for HOBY


Please join me on Tuesday, September 20th at 7PM to celebrate a successful first year in business,as well as network, and raise money for my favorite education organization, the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Foundation (HOBY). I participated in HOBY 20 years ago (1991, baby) and it was very influential on my development as a young adult and professional. Without HOBY, I would have never gone away to school or led the professional path I took toward entrepreneurship. I believe this organization teaches the skills kids really need in today’s economy and want to help them reach more students.

The ticket price for the party is $15 and all proceeds are tax deductible and go directly to HOBY NY Metro’s account via the Eventbrite page (minus the ticket fee). We’ll also be auctioning off some donated goods and services which we’ll update on the Eventbrite page. It will be a fabulous opportunity to support a great cause, celebrate, and expand your network so see you there!

RSVP here.

Free Webinar: Confidence Confidential- How to Sell Yourself in the Job Search


I am doing a free webinar through Big Marker’s Jump Start Your Job Search September Campaign called Confidence Confidential: How to Sell Yourself in the Job Search on Tuesday, September 27, 2011 at 7PM ET. After teaching and coaching 750 people last year on how to manage their careers, I’ve found that the issue is rarely a bad resume or lack of skills, but an absence of confidence. I’m excited to share what’s worked for my clients so you can break through the wall between you and your new exciting career move.

You can register here.

Pay What You Can Coaching is Back

We’re doing our latest round of Pay What You Can Coaching on September 19th and 20th where we offer 6 sessions at discount rates. We’ve filled two of the slots and if you want one of the last four, make sure you apply ASAP.

You can submit an application for one of the slots here.

Avoid a Cruel Summer free eCourse Enrollment Deadline Extended


Due to demand, we’re extending the date that you can enroll in our free eCourse, Avoid a Cruel Summer until September 22, the official last day of summer. Yes, you can’t probably do the lessons on the beach any longer unless you live in the south, but it’s all still good content. It will also be the last opportunity to get it all for FREE.

If you want more info on the course, check out our video on our Facebook page or straight to the enrollment page.

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My Spring Group Coaching Program Starts Monday

UPDATED: Due to popular demand, we have moved our Group Coaching to July 11th. Everything on the FAQ holds true, except the new dates which are on the featured on our coaching registration page. Contact us for more information.

I’m excited to blog about our inaugural Spring Group Coaching Program that starts THIS coming Monday, May 16th! I have wanted to do group coaching since I started The Opportunities Project. I think that group coaching is a great way for young professionals to learn how to advance their careers. It doesn’t matter if you’re nervous about the job search, or a go-getter who wants to solidify his or her career management know-how for now or the future. Group coaching is affordable and convenient and has benefits that individual coaching doesn’t have. Some of these benefits include multiple perspectives from your fellow coachees and an expanded community that can help you long after coaching ends. You can also do group coaching with a friend which can be fun.  Finally, if you happen to be a parent who is looking for a great graduation gift for you, this program is a great choice, if we do say so ourselves.

When you decide to become a coach, one of the first things you do is hire your own coach. A little over a year ago, when I was making my choices among coaches, I decided to hire one that offered group coaching. Fifteen months later, I am still happy with my choice. Hearing about other people’s experiences and learning from them made me work through my own decisions much more effectively. Even though coaching stopped last July, I am still close to half a dozen of the other participants, personally and professionally. In addition to emails and brunches, one person I met through coaching is my resident photographer and another has helped me with media relations. Likewise, I’ve helped them with their goal setting and productivity systems.

Intrigued and almost convinced that group coaching is for you? Here are answers to some questions you might have.

1. So how does your group coaching work logistically?

The Spring 20011 coaching program consists of seven group sessions, and one individual targeted coaching session with me, if you choose that option (discussed in question 4). Each session is 90 minutes and will be conducted via Skype. During each session, we’ll tackle the topic via audio conference and a shared desktop. We’ll also use video conference when appropriate. Each group will have between four to eight people in it so everyone has the opportunity to be coached.

Unlike traditional webinars, participants in our group coaching program are required to participate via microphone every session. For example, in our group coaching program, you will practice telling stories about your work and student experiences and answer situational and behavior-based interview questions. You’ll also have an opportunity to discuss your goals with the group and receive feedback and encouragement from your group members. I’ll switch back and forth between coaching and facilitating.

There will be two coaching groups each Monday. One group will meet at 4PM and the other at 7PM. During the week of Memorial Day, we’ll meet on Tuesday the 31st.

2. May 16th is just a few days away… what if I can’t start May 16th?

May 16th is coming quickly. We’re starting on May 16th because of the holidays and we want to accommodate people who want to take advantage of the summer job market, which is the hottest time of the year to find a job. If you cannot make May 16th, you can start on May 23rd without missing a beat. We will schedule a makeup session for the material covered on May 16 for anyone who can’t make that date once we have everyone’s schedules.

3. So what will be doing in our coaching program?

Here’s the schedule:
1. The “soft stuff” – mindset, vision, goals and fear (May 16th)

2. Presenting your authentic brand: resumes, online portfolios and social media (May 23)

3. Acing the interview: Part I (May 31- a Tuesday)

4. Acing the interview: Part II (June 6)

5. Networking your way to success- online and off (June 13)

6. The 15 Hour Job Search Plan (June 20)

7. More “soft stuff” – Success on the job (June 27)

8. One-on-one with Tracy (scheduled second half of June/early July, Option One only)

You’ll also be assigned homework between each session to make sure that you become an expert on that topic.

4. How much does it cost?

The costs are broken down on the registration page and you have two payment options. Depending on which option you pick, each session will cost between $25 and $30 a session.

Option One: Pay for program in full. With this option, you will get
•    a $35 discount on the seven group sessions
•    a one-on-one targeted coaching session with me
•    recordings of all the sessions
•    no Eventbrite fees

Option Two: Pay 50% down. We get that not everyone has the cash to pay in full. We still absolutely want you in our program! With this option, you can have more flexibility. You will get
•    flexibility to pay for only four of the seven sessions up front
•    receive a recorded copy of each session for free

If you want one of the last slots in our program, register now. If you have any questions, contact us. We’ll be available all day Friday and over the weekend to take your calls and emails.

We look forward to helping you get the career you want throughout May and June!

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You CAN Network Yourself to a Job Online

I am getting excited for tomorrow’s free webinar that I am doing with YouTern called Balance: The Social Networking Job Search – Build, Engage, Find. In this webinar, I’m going to review tips and strategies for building your social credibility, engaging in new communities, and putting it altogether to help you in find new professional opportunities. I’ll also have some successful case studies on how companies and candidates have matched on Twitter and LinkedIn.


If you listen to the mainstream media, you would think that every young adult is using social media tools to broadcast their life and find jobs. The more I coach, the more I realize that is definitely not true. In fact, I’ve recently participated in a discussion on the About.Com Job Search Group on LinkedIn about social media with some deeply skeptical Generation Y job seekers. I’m hoping my webinar can  convince people that if they use it right, social media can make amazing things happen. We’re going into depth on May 10th, but here are three things to keep in mind that might help convince you that social networking is something you should add to your career management and job search toolbox.

1.You create and direct your own story. Seth Godin talks about how we give up our personal power through constant self-sabotage, that it’s easier to not get involved or take charge of our own brand than potentially fail at it. When you take that stance, you also forego any opportunities that would come from putting yourself out there and engaging with new communities. By creating and building your own social credibility based on your value, you end up with more choices. I recently hired a business development consultant, Alisha Miranda, through social media. She consistently put herself out there through Twitter, LinkedIn, and multiple blogs which opened her up to opportunities like mine. You can do the same.

2. You increase your chances of meeting like-minded people who can help you. One of the greatest gifts I’ve found through social media is the ability to connect with people who I never would have in New York City through in-person networking. All of the people I have met are tremendously talented and mission-driven about changing career trajectories for Americans. In fact, I met Mark Babbitt, Jennie Mustafa-Julock, and Brett Kunsch, the other team members involved in the webinar, through Twitter, LinkedIn, and Brazen Careerist, respectively. As a team, we’re now creating professional opportunities for each other to make the change we want in the world.

3. You enhance all aspects of your professional life. Networking online is one aspect of a bigger strategy to build better relationships and expand your network even further. Last month, I wrote a blog post on how I used online networking to help me land a plum leadership spot at a conference. Many people can’t get into social networking because they can’t see beyond exchanging a few tweets or emails with people over a month or so. Of course that isn’t going to lead anywhere! It’s about seeing past those tweets and having the imagination to think about how it will take you somewhere great.

Have I convinced you? Register today for the webinar on Wednesday, May 11 at 8PM E.T. so we can talk more!

PS: Please note that this webinar is not for people who are trying to learn how to use Twitter or LinkedIn for the first time, but for job seekers who are already using the tools. If you’d like the basics on Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogging, check out the free presentations that are available on my website. If you review those before the webinar, you’ll be good to go!

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May 9 Announcements, Music Monday

Busy, busy week! We have a lot going on and these events deserve their own postings. I hate using the blog space solely for marketing purposes, but I want to make sure that everything gets its focus.

The Opportunities Project’s Upcoming Events

Using Your Competitive Advantage to Find a Teaching Job, presented by SchoolSpring on Tuesday, May 10, 1PM

Webinar, Free

I’m excited to partner with SchooSpring for this free event. I’ll be coaching new teachers on how to make themselves stand out from the crowd when searching for a job. We’ll discuss how to boost your resume, use effective interview strategies, and network your way to a job.

Balance: The Social Networking Job Search- Build, Engage, Find, presented by YouTern on Wednesday, May 11, 8PM

Webinar, Free

Every day, job and internship candidates – your competition – are being hired for great jobs and internships via social media.

Are you using tools like Twitter, Linkedin, and blogging to build your career – and get noticed?

I’ll help you become a success story by teaching you to:

  • Spend your job search time wisely
  • Master the balance of building your candidacy
  • Engage new communities and influencers
  • Find the right opportunities for you

Group Coaching Starts May 16th

Our Spring Group Coaching Program begins on Monday, May 16! Group coaching is an affordable option for many young professionals. You’ll receive my guidance and expertise through the coaching and consulting process, and develop a new community among your other group members.

Two programs will run every Monday afternoon at 4PM and 7PM until June 27th (we’ll meet on Tuesday during the week of Memorial Day). Each program is limited to 8 participants so register now.  Flexible payment plans are available, also.

Other Updates

Hope Reichbach Podcast Now on ITunes

We promised to update you when we were able to upload Hope Reichbach’s interview with us to ITunes. You can now download it directly from the ITunes Store. We hope the interview will give much comfort to her friends and family.

The Art and Science of Making Things Happen Recap

Brett Kunsch and I conducted our Four Hour Goals: The Art and Science of Making Things Happen workshop this weekend. Next step is to convert it to an eCourse which we’ll likely debut in the second half of June at a the second edition of our Making The Change You Want Networking Series.

Life After College Party

Support my colleague Jenny Blake at the  Life After College Book Launch Party on Thursday, May 12 at 7PM.

I’ll be there, a well as many of my fellow NYC based coaches. The party, sponsored by NYC Creative Interns, will have lots of networking, music, and an open bar.

Music Monday

I was thinking Manic Monday based on everything that’s going in, but this is so much more fun. Girl bands rule… 4eva.

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Tracy and Brett Talk Goals

Woo hoo- you have questions about our event Four Hour Goals: The Art and Science of Making Things Happen this Saturday, May 7 in midtown New York City. Brett and I have answers for you. Check out our video to find out what’s in it for you, what happens if you don’t set goals, and why we’re uniquely qualified to teach you how to do this!

We’ll see you at the workshop, right?

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April 25 Music Monday and Announcements

It’s been a few weeks, but we’re back with Music Monday and our latest announcements. I’m *almost* caught up from our travels earlier this month and am excited for a productive May helping young professionals take advantage of the growing job market in New York City and across the country.

Attend The Four Hour Goals Workshop on May 7th

Ready to make a change, including setting concrete goals and achieving them? On Saturday, May 7, 2011, I’ll be conducting Four Hour Goals:  The Art and Science of Reaching Your Goals with Brett Kunsch of Millennial Coach at the Center for Arts Education (across from Penn Station). At this workshop, we’ll teach you tools for setting long-term vision and short-term goals and how to align them to what you do every day and meet success. We guarantee that you walk out with a clear head, excitement, inspiration and confidence that you know how to get started with making things happen for yourself.

When clicking on the Eventbrite, you’ll see that we have a number of ticket options available to meet your needs. This event will help professionals across the spectrum, not just those starting out in their career.

Also, congratulations to the prize winners from our Make The Change You Want Networking event last week. Two lucky attendees- Cathie and Kesha- each won a free hour of coaching with Brett and I, respectively, and another lucky winner- Roseanne- won a book from our bookstore. We hope to have another event later in the spring.

Download our Free Guide: Get Inspired through Social Media

If you haven’t swung by our new home page (it’s why our blog was dark last week) you may have not noticed that we now have a free guide that we’re giving away called Get Inspired through Social Media. It’s a free three-page guide of exercises that you can do on your own with LinkedIn to generate new ideas on next steps you can take with your career. People forget that LinkedIn is more than a social resume, but a database of professionals and information intended to help you make good decisions about your career.

We’ll do more promotion on this, but as a blog reader, check it out and get it before everyone else! This guide will also be featured as part of The Product Factory, run by Michael Port and Mitch Meyerson, sometime this week.

Tax Day Email Only Sale!

Wondering what to do with your tax refund? I am having a two-week sale on some of my coaching products. The details are only available to people subscribed to my newsletter list. When you register for our free guide, you’ll be added to our list.

New Press Appearances

My interview with the Professional Services Journal on using Twitter chats to recruit young talent was published last week. If you’re not in the Twitter chats, why aren’t you? Also, I was added as the latest expert to My Colleges and Careers, which is exciting!

Scholarship Winners

We selection panel reviewed all the eligible applicants and Justin and I did a next round of reviews and we’re ready to announce the winners this week. Stay tuned!

Music Monday

What are you listening to this week that will get your productivity moving? I have a blog post coming up this week that touches on maintaining your power in the job search so here’s a little James Brown and Soul Power to prep you!

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