Commit to Your Vision: The Eight Hour Session


It’s time to take the time to create your master plan and start executing on your dreams TODAY. Get a dedicated personal coach for an entire workday and plan the future you want. MAKE IT HAPPEN ONCE AND FOR ALL.



You’ve been developing ideas about all the changes you want to make in your life for months, or even years, but haven’t taken the next step to translate your ideas into actions. It’s time to take a deserved break and dedicate the time necessary to make it happen while still being efficient about your time.

The Commit to Your Vision package is one full day of coaching and consulting 100% dedicated to creating your long and short-term goals for your new professional life, identifying obstacles and solutions, and actualizing your plan. It includes critical aspects of our Create Your Own Productivity Playbook, Communicate Your Social Proof and Leap. Launch. Love packages.

You get a dedicated personal coach for an entire workday for a retreat devoted to you. Tracy Brisson will work with you one-on-one all day through four phone, Google+ Hangout or Skype-based coaching blocks, and be available by phone and email during each break to help with any needs that may arise.

What do you receive as part of this package? 

The typical Commit to Your Vision session takes place from 9AM (your time zone) to 5:30PM, though the schedule can be adjusted. You’ll have reflection tasks to complete on your own during the breaks, as well as have time to check in on email, phone calls, and other tasks you may have to handle during the day. Depending on your schedule and coaching needs, we may conduct the Commit Your Vision package over two days.

Here is what the day will look like.

  • 9AM to 11AM: Coaching Block: Planning your five year vision and one to three year goals from your ideas
  • 11:00AM to 11:30AM: BREAK
  • 11AM to 12PM: Coaching Block: Resource assessment and allocation (e.g., collecting what’s on your plate and making sure your To Do List is connected to your goals)
  • 12PM to 1PM: LUNCH BREAK
  • 1PM to 3PM: Coaching Block: Project planning and organization, identifying your priorities, and establishing next steps and items to delegate
  • 3PM to 4PM:  Getting it done/executing (on your own, with me by the phone for questions and help)
  • 4PM to 4:30PM: BREAK
  • 4:30PM to 5:30PM: Coaching Block: Wrap-up and bringing your ideas to market (e.g., developing your social proof)

You’ll also receive one week of unlimited email access to Tracy Brisson following your Commit to Your Vision session as well as free copies of the PDF versions of Create Your Own Opportunities: Coach Yourself to Career SuccessGet Inspired by Social Media Workbook, and Confessions of a Teacher Recruiter: How to Create an Extraordinary Resume and Hook Your Dream.

Who is this for?

  • Professionals dissatisfied with aspects of their careers and have been thinking about making a change, but need the extra push.
  • Anyone who believes they DESERVE a full day of personal help to launch their dream.

What people have to say about Tracy Brisson’s coaching

“Tracy is particularly effective at specifically understanding what professionals need to manage their careers and be successful. She is able to talk about career management topics both broadly and in depth, and is especially savvy at utilizing social media to share her knowledge.”- Cara, Education Management

How do I engage in coaching services?

When you purchase the Commit to Your Vision package, you’ll receive a welcome email that directs you to our password-protected client portal that with all of the information you need to get started, including these next steps.

  • How to sign our online coaching agreement and submit your Client Welcome Packet
  • How to get copies of your free books and other coaching documents and tools
  • How to schedule your day long session on The Opportunities Project calendar


Remember that you can always schedule a consultation before purchasing a package, and continuing clients can purchase discounted sessions for future needs once they complete their package.