Create Your Own Opportunities: Coach Yourself to Career Success- Kindle Edition


Twelve chapters on how to attract the right clients and jobs, meet awesome people through social networking, assert your confidence and power, and pick yourself up!  Available exclusively for the Kindle through FREE bonus companion workbook through November 30, 2013



The path to professional success is in your reach. You just need to tweak your game. Create Your Own Opportunities: Coach Your Way to Career Success, written by career coach, recruitment consultant and entrepreneur Tracy Brisson, features tips, advice, and real life examples of achieving career goals on your own terms.

What’s in this book? 

In this book, Tracy will teach you how to

  • Shake up your resume and online profiles to attract the right clients and recruiters
  • Use traditional networking and social media to meet awesome people
  • Understand and assert your confidence and power, even when you believe you don’t have any
  • Learn how to pick yourself up after a failure and rock it to even greater success

Who is this for?

Everyone willing to think outside the box about being at the top of their career game.

What people have to say about Create Your Own Opportunities: Coach Yourself to Career Success

“I’m a big believer in creating your own opportunities which is why this book stood out to me. As a digital publisher, I’m always ready to learn new and creative ways to expand my business. I realized that I needed to improve my ways of networking and this book gave me so many great tips on how to use social media to do that. One of my favorite topics is the 3 Steps to a Great Elevator Pitch. I love it! She gives us the formula for creating a winning elevator pitch, and now I feel like I can sell myself in a more confident manner. Everyone can gain something from Tracy’s experience — even a seasoned pro! Not only do I recommend this book, I am now a fan of Tracy Brisson.”- Tia


ANNOUNCEMENT: Create Your Own Opportunities is available exclusively on the Kindle as of September 1, 2013.

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Create Your Own Opportunities is published by SEAM Publishing.