Create Your Productivity Playbook


The Create Your Productivity Playbook Package will help you develop achievable goals, keep order with strategic use of technology, and make tough choices about your priorities.  You will use your energy to accomplish and do amazing things instead of just thinking about them. GET IT ALL DONE!


You’re ready to achieve greater balance, integration, and clarity while realizing your ambitious dreams. We’ll help you get exactly where you want to be in your life more quickly.

What do you receive as part of this coaching package?

We’ll help you eliminate chaos and help you manage a high-impact life and ENJOY it. The Create Your Productivity package takes place over one to two months and includes three one-hour phone, Google+ Hangour or Skype-based sessions with Tracy Brisson where you will review your long-term vision and shorter-term goals against your current agenda, and ultimately implement a productivity and goal management system that works for you. The sessions will be customized to your needs, but may be organized as follows.

    • Session One: Setting long-term vision and short-term goals via top-down planning (e.g., establishing your life mission and 1-5 year goals)
    • Session Two: Collecting what’s on your plate, identifying priorities, and realigning via bottom-up planning (e.g., making sure your To Do list is connected to your higher purpose)
    • Session Three: Implementing organization systems and processes to create and track your goals, project plans, & workflows, outsource tasks, and establish personal metrics

You’ll also receive…

  • unlimited email access to Tracy until the completion of your coaching package to address any issue you encounter; and

Who is this for?

  • Super-achievers aiming to manage their short-term projects and current responsibilities against their long-term vision for success.
  • Individuals launching a significant side project or new business who want to stop feeling overwhelmed and bring more daily joy to their lives.

What people have to say about Tracy Brisson’s coaching

“I just wanted to give you a BIG HUGE thank you! I had been feeling disappointed, but your encouraging words and the advice you gave me helped me revamp my approach. You raised my spirits. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”- Inna, Teacher

How do I engage in coaching services?

When you purchase the Create Your Productivity Playbook package, you’ll receive a welcome email that directs you to our password-protected client portal with information on how to get started, including these next steps.

  • How to sign our online coaching agreement and submit your client welcome packet
  • How to get copies of your free books and other coaching documents and tools
  • How to schedule coaching appointments on The Opportunities Project calendar

Notes: If requested, we’ll record the Skype, Google+ Hangout and phone sessions and send you the files.

Remember that you can always schedule a consultation before purchasing a package, and continuing clients can purchase discounted sessions for future needs once they complete their package.