The Power Hour


Get a dedicated hour of coaching and career and business expertise. Make decisions and start a new career plan with the help of someone who’s been there and helped others meet success. GO AHEAD: PICK MY BRAIN.


We regularly receive one-off requests for quick, straight-up advice on quitting your job, starting and marketing a business or creative project, negotiating a difficult career situation, or even figuring out what technology you need to run your freelance practice. You might just need an hour of a coach or expert’s time to work through complicated questions and make strategic decisions about your career. If that fits your situation, sign up for The Power Hour with Tracy Brisson

The Power Hour is different than the The $5 Consultation because we won’t spend any of our time on assessment and describing how typical coaching works. And you’re actually invited to pick our brain. We roll up our sleeves and start with your questions from minute one of the session and get as many results as possible for you in our allotted time.

What’s covered in The Power Hour session?

The Power Hour is all about you and your career. Submit your questions in advance as part of the client onboarding process and we’ll work through as many as possible in the hour phone, Google+ Hangout or Skype-based call. Here are sample questions that we’ve helped people with in these sessions.


  • Should I quit my job? If so, what do I need to do to plan ahead?
  • Can I really make it as a self-employed person?
  • How can I stabilize my freelancing career? What should I be doing to brand myself and expand my client base?

Achieving Your Vision

  • What should I be doing differently to reach my career goals more efficiently and effectively?
  • What are some tools and strategies I can use to be happier about my career and feel more balanced?
  • I have a difficult decision to make about my career and need help figuring out which option is best for me.


  • Why am I not getting any of the jobs I am being considered for? Is my resume, interview performance, or social media presence holding me back?


  • Should I use a WordPress site and how do I set it up?
  • How do I use Evernote to become more productive?
  • What metrics should I be using to measure my marketing and financial success as a solopreneur?
  • What systems and software should I use to run my business?

The Power Hour is a combination of consulting and coaching. We won’t give you the answers, but help guide you to them while providing information from research, best practices, and personal experiences as well as those of our successful clients.

Who is this for?

Professionals who are determined to be great at what they do and define their own path to success.

What people have to say about Tracy Brisson’s coaching

“I am so grateful and feel as though a breakthrough occurred by thinking about distinctions, asking the right questions and personal resource allocation. Thank you so much!”- Ashley, Graphic Designer

How do I engage in coaching services?

When you purchase The Power Hour, you’ll receive a welcome email that includes these next steps.

  • How to sign our online coaching agreement
  • How to submit your questions for The Power Hour session via our Client elcome Packet
  • How to schedule your session on The Opportunities Project’s calendar


Clients can only sign up for one session of The Power Hour. If you decide to engage in future coaching, you may sign up for one of our packages.

If requested, we’ll record the Skype, Google+ Hangout or phone session and send you the file.