Why Internships Are Good


Featuring Tracy’s essay, “The Full Circle Internship.”

Internships are good for students, they are good for teachers, they are good for employers, they are good for parents, they are good for the economy, they are good for society. GET THE ENTIRE KINDLE BOOK FOR JUST 99 CENTS.



Tracy was pleased to submit the chapter “The Full Circle Internship” to this great book from some of our country’s leading career experts.

What’s in this book?

From Amazon.com:

Every year thousands of students give their education an edge through internships. Why are internships so popular? They work.

Internships offer students practical knowledge they often do not receive in the classroom. Through internships, students are often able to access employers they otherwise could not. Where degrees alone sometimes fail to prepare students for the working world, internships do.

Internships are good.

Who is this for?

Anyone interested in exploring the importance of meaningful internship experiences for our workforce.