Second Annual Scholarship Contest!

Our Scholarship Contest closed on September 3rd. Learn all about our fantastic winners! Thanks to all who applied!

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We gave away three career coaching scholarships in our first scholarship contest.

This year we’re raising the stakes and giving away FIVE.

The Opportunities Project Second Annual Scholarship Contest

That’s right, Tracy Brisson and Tanisha Christie are giving away five packages in The Opportunities Project’s Second Annual Scholarship Program! It was a busy spring, but we’re ready to rock this summer. Each lucky scholarship winner will receive four FREE one-hour Skype coaching/consulting sessions with Tracy or Tanisha.

We will customize the sessions to meet the needs of each winner, but you can expect to get help with setting goals, making decisions, creating and executing a plan, and overcoming obstacles.

Watch our video from Founder Tracy Brisson for an overview of our 2012 scholarship!


Here is a description of each scholarship we are giving away and the eligibility criteria.

1. The Break the Ceiling Scholarship Are you underrepresented in your field? If so, apply for this scholarship with Tracy to receive targeted help taking your career to the next level, claiming your power, and making the impact you know you can create. Are you a woman in tech, a person of color aiming to start a business, or a first generation college graduate trying to break into places your family never imagined? Tracy wants to help you.

2.  The Social Entrepreneurship Scholarship- Tracy’s background in education makes her very partial to do-gooders. Do you have an idea for a non-profit or social initiative and wonder how you can make it happen? Whether part-time or full-time, she can help you develop the plan that’s right for you and bring your organization to life.

3. The Creative Development Scholarship- So you have an artistic streak and want to figure out to launch your film, performance, or other creative project and make money with it. Tanisha has been there and done it and is ready to coach you so you can do the same. Apply for this scholarship to get you moving from idea to execution.

4 and 5. The Big Change Scholarship (2 available)- If none of the above scholarships fit your situation, we still want to help you. Tracy and Tanisha will each take on a client who convinces us that they are ready to change their professional life once and for all.

As a thank you, all scholarship applicants will receive a FREE copy of Tracy’s book, Create Your Own Opportunities

Here are some tips to help you succeed based on last year’s applications.

1. Grammar and typos will count against you. Make sure you proofread your application before you hit submit.

2. We really want to know how the goals you’re looking to achieve are going to make the world better beyond any personal impact that coaching will have. Writing that receiving a coaching scholarship will “change the world because there is one more happy person in it” will not cut it. The Opportunities Project uses our scholarship contest as a way to do good and spread our impact to people who might not have a chance to get our type of services otherwise. Tell us how you’ll use our gift.

3. Be authentic and memorable!

Read reflections from last year’s scholarship winners Zack, Alexandra, Abby and Darlene.

Applications are due Monday, September 3, 2012 at midnight.

We will notify applicants of our decision date after the contest has closed.

If you have questions, please contact us!

Interested in coaching but don’t fit the qualifications for the scholarship or want to get started right away? Check out our coaching services.