The Graduation Project

Announcing… The Graduation Project

After years of hard work in school, you’re about to brave the scary world of professional work. Let us help.

The Graduation Project

The Opportunities Project is offering a special, FREE video conference series for college students and recent graduates called The Graduation Project. Our business has always been based on the belief that ALL people can create their own opportunities, despite their current circumstances or background if they can create the right behaviors, attitudes and skills. That applies to new graduates, too, and we’ll offer you some special tips to help you transition through this time.

Tracy Brisson, Founder and CEO of The Opportunities Project, and our social media intern, Lauren Wannermayer (Syracuse 2012) will host each webinar and give their insight on our selected topics based on their experience coaching, hiring, and looking for a job.

Each session starts on Monday at 8PM ET and there are limited spots so RSVP to get one now.

Session One: Solving Your Job Search Mysteries- Monday, April 16th

We’ll give our tips on resumes, networking, interviews and launching your career as well as answer all your questions on any part of the job search.

Session Two: OMG – This Is Real Life- Monday. April 23th

Transitioning from college to the workplace can be tricky and confusing. Wondering if something you do now would be interpreted incorrectly by your new manager? Lauren will ask Tracy some of the questions she’s had as a new grad.

Session Three: Making Decisions for 2012… and 2022- Monday, April 30th

Today’s college students are graduating with record student loan debt and it can be hard to make decisions that benefit you and not just Sallie Mae. We’re going to talk about our fears, break them down, and help you be responsible now, while considering the long-term impact of the decisions you make.


Anyone who registers for any of these video conferences will be entered into a contest to win a copy of Jenny Blake’s Life After College, one of the best books out there for recent graduates. RSVP today.