Referral Program

Join The Opportunities Project’s Referral Program

Everyone is welcome to join our referral program! The Opportunities Project will give you a 15% commission on all coaching and consulting purchases and a 10% discount for your referral on all sales over $200.

How to Join Our Referral Program

We have registered our referral program with E-Junkie, a reputable affiliate site. Here is how to join.

1. Click this link to register as an affiliate of The Opportunities Project.

2. Register with E-junkie with your email and payment information (ex. PayPal account).

3. Click on Get Your Affiliate Code on the next two pages.

4. You’ll get a code with a link (in quotes and starts with https// and ends with a number). You can do two things with the link.

  a. Copy and paste the link in emails, social media, blog posts, and anywhere else you want to recommend The Opportunities Project services.

  b. Copy the link and paste it into the code below where the words YOUR SPECIAL E-JUNKIE LINK appear. Use the HTML code to show the following image on your website.

The Opportunities Project Career Coaching Referral Program

HTML Button Code: <a href=”YOUR SPECIAL EJUNKIE LINK“><img src=””></a>

Affiliates will be paid monthly.

Here is a suggested email to send to your contacts who you might want to recommend our services to as an affiliate. As a reminder, while The Opportunities Project specializes in working with young professionals, we have clients of all ages and experience levels.

If you have any questions about the referral program, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also read technical information about becoming an affiliate on eJunkie’s website.

Thanks for your support!

Want to know more about our services that you can refer to your colleagues and friends? Check out our coaching packages and sessions page.